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  1. What a disturbing collection of words :lol:
  2. Really disappointed with it, oh well
  3. Belfast Mags

    The weather

    Sensational today, kids were at the beach and got some colour, unbelievable
  4. Belfast Mags

    Parenting stuff

    Congrats Henke family
  5. Belfast Mags

    Hip hop fans

    Well fucking cheers for that Carry on
  6. Seconded, sorry mate. 2013 was the worse of all years for newcomers. Such a shame
  7. Was passing the local pitches and a guy volleyed one in as I passed and the noise of the net ruffling was just A truly unique sound
  8. Belfast Mags

    Hip hop fans

    Never been in this thread before. I am new to Action Bronson. I am sad about this. I need more Action
  9. Really didn't enjoy that even though I thought I would, shame
  10. Can't say I'm enjoying this tbh
  11. Battered over breaded any day
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