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  1. Wasn't till I looked at the fixtures I realised we haven't played these yet this season. Guessing the match against them down there was postponed for a cup or the WC? Along with the Brigthon H game, it still has to have a date confirmed.
  2. "Sheffield United are reportedly close to being bought out by an African billionaire in a deal worth £90million. However, their problems are reportedly about to be eased by the takeover - though the identity of the prospective new owner remains a secret." Its this bloke, isn't it??
  3. Son is up from Uni this weekend, so I'll be asking him if he's up the weekend of the final too. Either be watching it at home or at a local (The Peri). But might see if my dad wants to join us, too. Was just talking about this in the office, and the 1998 cup final, watched it in City Vaults in town. Match lost, had a few more drinks, and then when we came out the Bigg Market was like a warzone, including people ontop of a smashed up phonebox. Following year, watched it in the Old George, and after the same result, was dreading heading out into Bigg Market, but 1998 post match apocalypse wasn't as bad. So this time, might try and break me 'cup final hoodoo' and avoid the town and stay at home or go local.
  4. TK-421


    Anyone had any experience of the Jaguar XE? Its my 50th in June, so thinking about changing my car then (from a Focus Titanium) and fancy 'treating myself', within reason. Have watched a few YT review videos and quite like the look of the XE. This probably wont be till nearer June/the summer, but budget will be up to £15k, incl my trade in. Seems that might get me a sub 50k mileage 2015-17 model. Looking at the diesels (for the low road tax), and have seen the Portfolio is the best spec (?), but I do like the look of the R-Sport versions. Not fussed on manual or auto, but would also like any opinions either way. Cheers for any advice/opinions offered.
  5. TK-421

    Alexander Isak

    Think the first injury happened when So'ton had a free kick and he was in the wall, and think it hit in in the face, or he got clattered in the head. Then he went down few minutes later again, still with effects of it.
  6. Might have missed it mentioned, but does anyone know why Idris Elba was at the match last night, or is it just as we are MASSIVE now and are attracting Hollywood stars to watch us play/train (Gerard Butler at Saudi training camp last season).
  7. Doubt it. I believe PGMOL have already come out (after the game of course) and stated that the fabinho incident should have been a red.
  8. :Loving this post match with Eddie and now Tripps. Benali is like, just let me fuck off!
  9. Couldn;t see Bruno in the dressing room.... he crying in the toilet? Nice touch to include Jonjo befroe he goes. If he's still going.
  10. WOW, that second half was far more stressful than it needed to be, but we did it... we're there. Roll on 26th Feb. Tell Me Ma, Me Ma.....
  11. Ashworth on the blower to someone now... giving them whatever they want. We could agree a deal subject to medical, etc couldn't we??!!
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