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  1. Red card for those deliberate take outs when some ones running forward with the ball but there are other defenders getting back. Like that twat Bruyner did to Maxi at the Man City game last week.
  2. Sorry to correct you, but the mitro game was on a Saturday, as I was on a cruise and saw the game. The game with Mbemba was on a Monday night I believe as I saw it on sky TV. Will stand corrected if wrong.
  3. I seem to remember that it was mbawa ( sorry about the spelling). City kicked off, heading to the away end, some picks up the ball on the edge of the box, he sticks out a leg, player goes down - game over.
  4. I know there's a dedicated wood post, but just to say that at the time of signing we'd just lost Wilson and as we couldn't change the system easily they went out and bought a oval peg for a round hole.
  5. Just happy, if my ticket arrives in time, to visit a new ground.
  6. On the whole managerial front I'm taking the view that trying to compare managers from one era to those of another is like trying to mix oil and water - it's a waste of time. The ethics of management up to a point, and the period 1992 - 1995 is where things started to change - were a whole lot different to those since. The 'old' style, was as people have stated, pick the best 11, go out there and play interesting football - doesn't matter about the result. But since the initial SKY era, things are now much more competitive, as in there is much more to loose, this being £'s and millions of them. There has been much more of a focus on style, as in how to the opposition play, and how can we 'beat them', hence all of the formation switching, player rotation etc etc. Yes, KK was a good manager, and Yes, Eddie is a good manager, but you can't compare the two - water and oil - as I see it.
  7. Interesting article on the beeb website - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61247954
  8. Have you asked her how she is feeling ? and have you told her how you are feeling ? perhaps something is upsetting her - and she can't or doesn't feel in a place to talk about it. Might be good to have a heart to heart, put all your cards on the table talk - and see what happens from there. I know I'm nowhere near qualified from a real life point of view - but I know that if you are honest to yourself and those that are around you then you will feel better for it - and if you can get her to do the same it may be of benefit at all. Good Luck to you.
  9. I noticed on the everton game that pool started as a 4-4-2 but TAA often went on walkabout - so if this could be exploited then there could be a chance. as the right back looked like a fish out of water tbh.
  10. South-Cheshire-Toon


    On a similar subject, my other half's brother has little girl, and when she was 8, jees that's 14 years ago, as she now 22, we took her and his then partner and her little girl to EuroDisney, but we planned it that we said we were going to Brittany or there abouts. So we drive down to Dover, get on the ferry, and as we are approaching Calais we are all on top deck and then say to them - 'Oops, we caught the wrong ferry as this looks like Ireland' - To which the girls said 'Ooh - it's very green !!' Then we said " and we'll have to drive to another port to catch another ferry to France" We then drove down to Paris and the first thing then knew that they were going to Disney was when we drove through the gates to get onto the holiday park - man did they go nuts - and did so for the entire weekend.
  11. Think Liverpool know what it means to win and the shit Everton would be in if they did. A stern half talk will do the world of good.
  12. Liverpool too blasé, looks more like the simpsons football episode. Need a goal for someone to liven things up.
  13. Looks like everton are playing 4-5-1. So as soon as the first goal go in then it will open up at the back.
  14. Lucky for me I have access to a sky go acc. So will be watching the game in a min. Never have the sound on for those commentators- seems like they always are talking bollocks.
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