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  1. Richie never has and never will be a defender and Bruce wonders why we concede so many goals. Its because he continues to play people out of position.
  2. duo

    Steve Bruce

    Was surprised at Ginola sticking up for him saying no one else could do better with this squad- so untrue
  3. duo

    Steve Bruce

    They're all his mates
  4. You never know- he may surprise us with a competent manager
  5. Here we go ASM will get him out of jail
  6. Brentford showed it's not about the money it's about having a well drilled, well coached team.
  7. Hopefully apologising for not sacking Bruce sooner
  8. duo

    Steve Bruce

    Press just will not criticise him- after this shambles?
  9. Honestly Shelvey is thick as out - why do it?
  10. I'm embarrassed watching it - compare this to Brentford vs Chelsea. No excuse for this shambles.
  11. No chance he's surviving this- the performance is an embarrassment.
  12. duo

    Steve Bruce

    If the media wasn't made up of Bruce's mates he'd never have made 1000 games.
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