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  1. 340 odd replies in 5 hours . I assumed it must have been merged into an older thread. This is almost RTG 'sportwashing' levels of activity
  2. So what's the deal with this Bakker? He only went to Leverkusen in the summer. Seems to have started around half of their league games, so not sure if he's been injured a bit, or more of a squad player for them, and if he sees this as a step up being in a better league for a club with big potential (and wages), or to possibly kick start a career?
  3. Anar video from Adam P. Remember to like and subscribe if you enjoy it. Edit - actually, not sure if you're allowed to post videos, but he has one up for the match.
  4. This weekend has been massive. Watford were like evens to beat Norwich, and we were about 10/3 or something to beat Leeds, so I had visions that we would have been 4 or 5 points behind Watford, having played a game more, but instead, we are just a point behind Norwich, with us having the game in hand instead - 2 huge results. Obviously a lot of work to do, but it's looking so much better now, and great timing with the couple of weeks break and should be in a better position regarding transfers. I'm around a 5 at the moment.
  5. Favourites to stay up, yes. If you put say £80 on the 4 to go down individually, you would get: Newcastle - £130 profit, £210 return Burnley - £42.66 profit, £122.66 return Watford - £26.66 profit, £106.66 return Norwich - £20 profit, £100 return So you get less back from those 'odds on (first number smaller than the second) as those scenarios are perceived to be more likely. Norwich are still considered most likely to drop at this stage, despite them probably looking in the best position, with more points on the board.
  6. Bet365 updated odds Norwich 1/4 Watford 1/3 Burnley 8/15 Newcastle 13/8 A great opportunity for 'insurance' money for those into that sort of thing, but looking so much better now after both last night, and obviously today's results. Hopefully get a few more in, beat Everton in 2 and a half weeks, and push on.
  7. We obviously could do with winning it, but we do still have to play Norwich (and not Watford), so at least somewhat in our hands to close the gap on them. Well, on paper at least anyway.
  8. Good stuff. A Watford win is by far the worst. If they equalise late, fine, if not, fine as well, but obviously much less chance of them winning from here now.
  9. Paullow

    Rafa Benítez

    When was that poll added by the way?
  10. Paullow

    Rafa Benítez

    It's not like for like, as the team was better then, although you could also say so were our rivals, but Rafa came in with 10 games to go, and ended up with 13 points, a +4 GD, 1.3 ppg which averages out at 49.4 points per season - he just came in too late, but while a couple of disappointing results, he did well in the short time he was here, especially as 3 of his 10 games included the future champions Leicester away in his first match, as well as draws at home to City and away to Liverpool. Howe, in contrast, has had Burnley, Norwich, Brentford, Watford at home, bread and butter stuff where
  11. If it does absolutely become 3 from 4, which is currently looking nailed on, and towards the end, that became more of a 2 horse race between us and another, say Watford, then the run in could be a bit of a concern. I may be reading too much into it, but if someone like Leicester were guaranteed 8th, 9th, 10th etc. with a couple of games to go, couldn't do any better, or any worse, not much incentive, it will be in their better interest for us to go down as we would be more likely to be a direct contender to them in the short term, as in an 8-10 side for a couple of seasons, and then potentiall
  12. Let off for West Ham, game back on.
  13. Like night and day compared to us. Not looking forward to next week.
  14. Paullow

    Players in public

    Dubravka in Zizzi.
  15. We've certainly been linked with a lot of quality players this week or so, and hopefully some of those will materialise, but these two have definitely been a notable downgrade, even if more realistic, and you certainly wouldn't think we'd just had a big takeover if they came through, but if they were joined by a couple more better additions, along with Trippier, then that would be very good, but hopefully not a sign of where the recruitment is headed. Still early days though.
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