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  1. A player who has less senior experience than a lad we consider too raw to give more than a couple sub minutes too. Feel like this is a waste of effort for today. Could have used these resources elsewhere.
  2. That West Ham kid at right back or no one. Dissapointing end to the window.
  3. We could do a bit worse. You can't do alot worse than 2 in 17 and no goal threat Mental we're so attached to keeping him. Sunk cost fallacy. We blew a load of money on a dud so we have to pretend he's useful.
  4. If Moura wasn't massively expensive I wouldn't be against a 3 year contract tbf. He'd have no resale but he's a good player.
  5. Thought initially that I couldn't see Levy "doing us a favour" But it turns out him and Eales actually get on well and Eales has defended him in the press before.
  6. He'd have had a field day against Forest with Bruno sliding those balls between Center and Full back.
  7. The fact that Bruce would so often go for Clark ahead of him, Schar or Lejeune proper dark ages "defenders are just about getting their head to stuff" thinking.
  8. If Shelvey wasn't injured we'd be alright in midfield. But since he's missing at least half the season we're really relying on Bruno staying constantly fit.
  9. Really could do with a Jonjo replacement. I think it should have become a priority after we knew how bad the injury was. No guarantee he gets back into shape well knowing what he's like.
  10. Could do with a win really. Get beat and we're not looking too smart.
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