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  1. Conceded 4 and iirc all 4 were completely his fault, like every single 1 was a howler.
  2. Trying to be too clever. Trying to fit a certain player in (Ritchie for example) when they can't do their old role anymore. Almiron at 10 is so simple and when Bruce actually did it for about 4 weeks we looked much better for it, yet we never ever play him there.
  3. Wish we'd just go 4231 and get players in the right position rather than putting square pegs in round holes
  4. Doesn't really look to be trying to do anything different to what he did here. They're doing pretty similar to our first year back up so far.
  5. xLiaaamx

    Emil Krafth

    Obertan had some underlying ability like with that spell early 14/15 before he got injured. Krafth doesn't appear to have anything
  6. xLiaaamx

    Emil Krafth

    Don't get how he's pulled the wool over the staff's eyes. He was 3rd choice by miles behind Manq and Yedlin. Yedlin goes and he somehow jumps Manquillo without playing well.
  7. He should be pulling the trigger whenever he's got a chance, that what he's there to do - Even against Brighton where it's a shocking foul, he gives Sanchez the chance to foul him.
  8. What's Manquillo suddenly done wrong for this latest exile?i really don't get our team selection process. It's not based on actual performances at all by the looks of it.
  9. We'll have to win away at Leicester now.
  10. 9.5 if I'm being kind. No way we win the next 2 with this pressure.
  11. We have to win the next two because this shows we don't have the balls to go cause an upset at a bigger team.
  12. Tindall's bullshit about "we're trying to go there and win" 11 men behind the ball all out defence 18 yard line.
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