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  1. Thought Hayden was pretty much pants v Norwich when he came on. Never thought I’d say this but atm Shelvey isn’t really droppable!
  2. Looks like a flawed survey - minimum possible score of 20%. So they asked people to rate from 1-5 so if everyone scored us as a 1 (lowest) we would still score 20%
  3. Ashley's plan will be based no doubt on asset stripping the club to generate cash for himself through loan repayments. We may have seen the last of ASM if someone offers £30M for him
  4. Gonzo is making my username look prescient.
  5. FWIW I think the FCB is simply going to use us as a Cash Cow. He allegedly took out c£33M last summer in loan repayments and assuming that no reasonable (and pricey) footballer would want to come here at the moment we'll again under spend our transfer 'budget'. He'll sell Longstaff as the window closes for say £25M plus another £30M-£40M from the likes of Dubravka, Schar, Hayden etc. He can then take out £100M this year without running out of cash. We get relegated but parachute payments and more cost cutting would allow him to take out another £50M a year for the next two years (he will then
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