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    You sure Churchill was an anti-semite? He was definitely a racist but from what I understand he actually quite liked Jews? It was the Palestinians he really disliked. Though ofcourse Palestinians are themselves Semite’s, he didn’t hate the Jewish type atleast as far as I am aware. Think I read something a while back which fair enough might have been bollocks, but apparently Hitler wanted a peace treaty and the first thing Churchill mentioned was better treatment of Jew’s, to which Hitler replied no and that was the end of that.
  2. Rafalove


    Are we not in part responsible for the Cold War with Russia? From the admittedly very little that I know Churchill was the one who was really suspicious or at the very least equally as suspicious as the U.S of Russia.
  3. Rafalove


    Is Chamerlain really a cunt? I understand why he was hesitant to start a war so soon after ww1
  4. So he’s good? I was reading your forum through Google translate a little while back and you lot seemed to rate him highly?
  5. Rafalove


    Good post. Do you see any way forward between Russia and the west or is it a complete lost cause? Some of your points about the U.S military industrial complex definitely ring true. Don’t even think it was all that long ago we were actually on decent terms with Russia and we (the west) we’re co-operating with Russia on both of us reducing our nuclear capabilities, at which point we decided to point a load of missiles towards Russia in some Eastern European countries and they started acting out. No doubt Putin is a massive wrongun though aswell.
  6. Rafalove


    out of curiosity why was the Cold War “bogus”?
  7. Rafalove


    They’re ruining the city centre. Those old buildings on granger street and the like are incredible. Why wouldn’t you just go for more of them?
  8. Have to admit I had similar thoughts initially when taking a quick glance, coupled with the text. Still know nowt about him other than what’s been mentioned on this page. Especially with our fan base on away days it’s very easy to jump to conclusions.
  9. it is. I take some comfort in the knowledge this is the case for most clubs though. Only Liverpool and to a lesser extent Manchester United have decent songs. Manchester United are helped by the fact they still sing their best songs from years gone by. interestingly I think Leeds are the worst in the whole country. I can’t help but every time I hear “all Leeds are we, all Leeds are we”. “Marching on together” is awful aswell imo.
  10. Rafalove


    Tbf I would assume (hope) he doesn’t want to wipe out the entirety of Russia. Just their corrupt leaders and government. And have it replaced with a pro democratic, pro free speech government that is better for both its own people and the rest of the world.
  11. exactly. All our chants should be wildly offensive and aimed at Pickford.
  12. Needless to say I love Rafa, but while Howe is here let’s just get behind him. Not to mention Rafa won’t even be there.
  13. He’s class but isn’t his court case a worry?
  14. This is true, but I do think with Joelinton we have some quality in midfield. If we’re gonna play a three in midfield I think there were glimpses of Willock returning to form.
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