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  1. Rafalove

    Wor Flags

    We’re in desperate need of some songs aswell tbf
  2. Think he’s someone that needs a lot of guidance, he’s not gonna get that under Bruce his regression once Rafa left was entirely predictable.
  3. Think we’re going down. We need a new manager and new manager bounce quick. If we can keep ourselves with a chance of staying up in January, we have a good chance of getting out of it but otherwise…..
  4. Rafalove

    Steve Bruce

    Looked completely rudderless Spurs took their foot of the gas too. Not sure I’ve seen a premier league team with worse fitness levels.
  5. Rafalove

    Wor Flags

    These lads are great but they need the rest of the ground to do its job too. Atmosphere dies before the tenth minute and honestly it’s exactly what you would have predicted. Annoyed by those leaving early too, some of us couldn’t get tickets.
  6. the crowd were quiet five minutes after the goal.
  7. Them Thursdays off coming in handy I see.
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