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  1. was about to say this. He does every interview too. Asking a question, the player has already answered in the last part of his answer to the previous question.
  2. De Ketalaere has already publicly commented that he doesn’t want to move here. On the topic of StMaximin. I think I’ve been his biggest defender but if we could get fourty mil I think we should take it. I’m starting to doubt his physical capability of staying fit in any team let alone a high intensity Eddie Howe team.
  3. To be fair I didn’t properly start liking football until the Sir Bobby Robson era.
  4. This is a good question. Mushy peas, pot noodle a kinder egg and that other thing. Loki must be there somewhere
  5. Honestly why do these people even go? Being apart of the atmosphere is the reason you would pay for a ticket instead of watching on the television.
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