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  1. Consettmag


    I don’t usually look on their forum, however it’s new year so I took a peak at the last few pages of the thread on us. Christ on a bike, are these people allowed to roam free without a responsible adult😂😂
  2. Don’t suppose anyones got a spare for this one?
  3. Nah more folky, it’s a song about the north east. I really should pay more attention😂
  4. Nah not that one either. Sung by a lass….I think😂
  5. A bit random, but does anyone know the name of that new song they play prior to kick off. Not blitzkreig, Going home, home Newcastle, blaydon races or carmina burana…the other one😂
  6. Much better and no bloody no. 4👍
  7. Massive number 4 on the front of every shirt. Designer needs shooting😂
  8. Actually saw someone in town today wearing this bugger. Anyone know if someone’s knocking them up?
  9. Don’t suppose anyone’s got a spare ticket for this one I could buy
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