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  1. Haha I dunno but he cracks me up like. Love a bit of Dean me he despises the mackems nearly as much as me
  2. Who were you when you got banned? Can't remember but was some musical related name I think was arguing with someone and had a hissy fit. Changed man nowadays picture of serenity
  3. LOL fair one. I will rein it in.
  4. Ha ha fucking hell im not that bad man I don't say anything different to most people on here tbf
  5. Because I used to read it for years from about 2014 I'd say. Joined up and got banned in 2016ish I think. Then re joined this year as I wanted to read it to keep in touch about the Takeover/Rafa situation when I was on my summer holiday and non members couldn't view the forum
  6. It reflects the state of the club that's why. I am slightly unhinged like I will give you that though
  7. Who and how do people make forum life unbearable like!? It's a forum ffs. Just because people aren't happy clappers?
  8. Same! Can't beat a big night of boxing!
  9. He's such a fat cunt! Remember when he was giving it the big one to our fans when he scored past our kids that perfectly sums up how small time they are They could have Man City money and they will never challenge for the title like we did whilst breaking the world transfer record and playing in the champions league. They had to watch us do all that and as a club and city gain 1000x bigger profile than they could ever dream of. Small time Cunts
  10. Imagine been such a wet arrogant fanny too ignore someone man
  11. Having utilised the ignore function, every single page is basically half full. Massive, endless reams of 'You are ignoring this user'. Thanks for that useless bit of information In all seriousness, putting people on ignore is your choice, the rest of us don't really need comments about how superior you all are for ignoring fellow fans who are a bit p*ssed off but ultimately we all want the same thing.
  12. The bitterness of constantly been in the massive shadow of Newcastle for so long has scrambled their brains. Imagine watching on from their chickentown as the mags break world transfer records and beat Barcelona in the champions league and travel all over the continent pretty much every year for over a decade and watch all your players live and socialise in a place they despise. All the time whilst they slum it as a yoyo club Must have been agony for them.
  13. Irish club. Easily. Cheers
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