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  1. Top 6 team being a cunt because they're scared of us challenging them. Toys out the pram! Fuck em!
  2. Fair enough, that might have been an over-reaction but i was hoping they might make another shit appointment. If we make some decent signings this week things might look more promising. If the playing staff of the two respective teams were to stay the same, and Watford got Woy, i would stand by my outlandish suggest that i think we'd drop
  3. They have no problems creating or scoring goals. Their problem is conceding goals. The thing the Woy has always been adept at is making teams organised and difficult to play against. He's about as good an appointment as they could make in their current predicament.
  4. If Roy gets the Watford job, I think we’re down tbh. He’d sort them right out and quickly.
  5. We seem to be chucking £30m bids around all over the place so there's got to be a good chance
  6. Is that the same as Billie big balls? Asking for a friend
  7. Burnley v Watford next game week. A draw would be spot on. We can afford a Burnley win. We can’t afford a Watford one
  8. Holmesy

    Chris Wood

    Nope! He’s shit. Might as well have kept Carroll - he’s mile better in the air
  9. This shit needs an independent investigation. It’s so blatant!
  10. If we stay up the most miraculous thing about it won’t be the unlikely points accrual, it’ll be the fact we’ve done it despite every official in this league trying to send us down. Set of corrupt fucking cowards!
  11. This is normally when we concede - maybe we’re so shocked we’ve actually scored a goal that we lose our shit. Fucking heads on, tighten up and don’t let Clark anywhere near the fucking ball
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