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  1. What we'd do for a 5th place finish now...
  2. NSG

    Terry Mac Yesterday

    FFS lighten up man. There is little enough to have a bit of light hearted banter about when it comes to Newcastle United without someone from the politically correct aliance coming along and getting themselves in a lather about us taking the mick out of Terry Mac! TBH, I think he's right and you're wrong.
  3. NSG

    Old Firm

    Wow, I agree with some of that, a few points are a bit ary though. The crowds one is good mind, it lives long in all Scottish fan's memories, the night in the mid 80s when Rangers got less than 3000 to a Premier League game. They (and Celtic) are glory hunters of the highest order, although Rangers are worse in this respect. Some of your points however are Celtic bashing for the sake of it. Everyone in Scotland calls the Daily Hun, and Hunday Mail that, it's not a Celtic preserve because it is by and large just the Rangers News transported into a daily national papaer. Most would also claim
  4. NSG


    http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/adc/10102420A~Peter-Falk-Columbo-Posters.jpg Just one more fing
  5. NSG


    The thing is they lock threads because, TWO people don't want to read them, and leave other bland threads like this open. I think this should remain open, I don't want to read about it but someone else might. That OF thread if you don't find it of interest, then why post on it, let alone close it? Idiots.
  6. Probably Chelsea away. Ticket and travel came to £120 alone.
  7. NSG

    Old Firm

    As a catholic you would think I should prefer Celtic, but I don't, I can't stand them. I can't stand Rangers neither. I had no idea how each of their support perceived their position in the footballing world till maybe 2000. Celtic fans honestly believe they're one of the top 10 clubs in the world, while Rangers fans honestly believe their 51 league titles in a joke league make them the most succesful club in the world. What annoys me is when they're referred to as massive clubs. They're utterly irrelevant to me and to the vast majority of English people. Clubs like Aston Villa and Bla
  8. NSG

    Mark Hughes

    I'd be happy if he brought Bentley with him like The thought of Zog on the left and Bently on the right is mouth watering.
  9. NSG

    Mark Hughes

    "Well lads, 5 trophies in a season for Houllier, or two Premierships and a Champions League and Uefa Cup for Jose....Nah, let's go for Hughesy"
  10. NSG

    Something I Don't Get

    This gets posted every exam period. Maybe they leave it on because they ARE revising, but are around if needed? Maybe if you spent more time revising than on here you would have done better in your degree
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