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  1. Not actually racist, but howay. It’s an easy thing to say. Whatever makes you happy.
  2. I think anyone that sends a racist message to a lad in the street, or a Premier League football is scum. Imagine that though, a body of Rashford hanging?? Beckham.. Worst he got was his mural written across Shit Fucking Bastard- not even anything racist 🤣🤣
  3. At least Beckham won a Championships League, Premiership, Fa Cup, League Cup , Seria A, La Liga, MLS I bet his and Rashford’s upbringings were identical.
  4. Imagine that? Not nasty word send across the internet, a replica of your body hanging from the streets. David Beckham was hated. These kids need to grow up.
  5. Not sure if same ruling exists nowadays, but in Italy, Spain players can play against each other. Even in PL, loan players can’t play against ‘own team’ but they can affect results for/against loanee/loan team. Especially within recent years, the loan market within the PL has been to offload players to anyone but ‘top 6’, either to hopefully develop the player for a season to increase his market interest/value (Willock, Sam Gallagher..) or just generally alleviate wage bill costs on players new management doesn’t want. The last loan deal I saw that was really succ
  6. Even from pictures of Bruce in his 20’s at Norwich you can see he’s never taken a pre-season seriously. Add on 30 something years, kilos of chips, and pub sirloins not to mention the litres of gravy, Fosters and Ocado Rioja. Dread to think, simply for his heart, if he was ever successful at his job - his body isn’t build for that level of stress. 13th is more than that heart can manage! Out of discussion, who was the last fat bastard manager/chubber who’s won stuff and been successful? I can of top of my head - Del Bosque, Rafa, Scaloni, Ancelotti… Not many.
  7. Half agree, should definitely be a case that if X games played an agreed fee is met, and clause sets in. Especially loaning within PL. I think it’s pathetic we’re constantly loaning in players, especially from so called ‘big clubs’. Willock, Kenedy, all the rumours last few years of Holding, Abraham. Whilst Willock was superb, I’ll never accept my club loaning in young players just so they can develop, and parent club can benefit - financially, or getting a better player back with no long term gain earned on our end. Where not Roda JC, historically we’re a decent
  8. Bonucci and Giorgio are going to get “raped” on the counter attack at this rate.
  9. So much difference between how he speaks about England and the half-generation behind him Wio and Lampard. All incredible players club level, but can tell Rio and Lamp just have bad memories from England tournaments and can’t speak so passionately.
  10. I have a ‘Ronaldo 9’ World Cup 2002 top. It was one of my 10th Birthday presents, Men’s Small. I wore it a few times to training when I was playing football few years ago, but I’d need to shed a bit to get back into it now like.
  11. Was Lauren Robert the greatest scorer of great goals that’s played for Newcastle?
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