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    If you lived in Austria right now what would you do?
  2. But muh kill story... Don't care if this POS was handed a foam gun, or a fully loaded - when you are handed a GUN, you are responsible - to give the final check if it's live. Bet Baldwin had an agent and a whole crisis team that responded to his crisis quicker than the life that was killed.
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    How many cases of Covid are actually sending people to their grave... Wake up, with the greatest respect - please wake up, research the death rate of Ebola. What would you do if Covid had the same death rate as Ebola? I wouldn't have left my house for years, fuck what news says!! After all it's a question of liberty and risk - the safest place is to be in isolation in a prison. 23 hours locked away, no risk, no liberty.
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    NHS Hospitals daily operate at around a 90% before even before Covid. It's called efficiency. Fuck sake...
  5. ONE HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe How are you guys protecting yourselves against the incoming mass inflation? How you been affected by the supply chain? I couldn't get petrol a day living on the of Wight - Texas had snow and it's world shut down; at least they have guns. (But that could have been avoided?? Something about a single pipeline, but different States demanding different varieties of what's being piped... I'd like to honestly ask opinion on what it's like to live in America - what do you give a shit a
  6. Can I answer this? Simple and only answer is dead. "Accounting for the mother's death having no bearing..." You can leave me or anyone alone without any help for as long as you like - minutes, hours, days, weeks, months - result is the same - death - middle of the Ural Mountains or a local rec. Without help, death. Imagine being seconds from being born. I'm wasting my breath.
  7. I think every American should be shown that image before they see Dr. Anthony Fauci 'broadcast' his opinions. Aside note that we could talk on.... Obama and Fauci sneaking around a School this week for a world-wide press/photo opp? Slinging school children medical treatments.... (with or without Parent consent - correct me here...
  8. A look back at some of Anthony Fauci’s crimes against humanity... https://freeworldnews.tv/watch?id=61a79f1beed1d377c65b7e90 Josep Mengele had a once in a generation opportunity afforded to him. Fauci's had a generations worth of work to show many, he would have taken the same opportunity Mengele had. Hearing Fauci tested on dogs infuriated me, especially when I first heard it. I've a girlfriend who has a Beagle called Maggie. Whenever I walk the dog, it takes ages - sniffing every 5 yards... - that's what a Beagle does, that's why it's been chosen to be eat
  9. Looking forward to the Pauly Belta remix vid
  10. I'm a believer of peak trajectory of managers, and right clubs/wrong clubs or wrong/right when judging situations or circumstances when they take up clubs. Watched Lampard's podcast/interview with Neville on Youtube, and he was under no illusions his gig wasn't a long term thing. That was right club, and right circumstances for all involved. Rafa going to Everton is wrong club first and for all, and Everton being Everton is giving you a handicap. Following on from the managers reaching their peak, it feels disrespectful saying it, but as soon as Newcastle and Rafa part
  11. Kevin Mbabu left Newcastle and has done well for himself, and kicked on his career. It's honestly boring that his name keeps on being mentioned. Nobody gave a toss about him when was actually at the club... He left Newcastle to play in the Swiss League, and has progressed - good on him, well done. By the same standard - what are your thoughts on Haris Vukic, Ole Soderberg, Fabio Zambrela, Oliver Kemen? Have you been tracking their careers lately? It's boring to hark back at players like Mbabu just because they are actually now good - likewise with Toney, Armstrong.
  12. Aye, but doubt Joselu was top of Rafa's list for strikers that summer. Doubt even loaning Tammy Abraham from Chelsea was top of the list either. No, wait - Islam Slimani to the rescue!
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