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  1. I have a ‘Ronaldo 9’ World Cup 2002 top. It was one of my 10th Birthday presents, Men’s Small. I wore it a few times to training when I was playing football few years ago, but I’d need to shed a bit to get back into it now like.
  2. Was Lauren Robert the greatest scorer of great goals that’s played for Newcastle?
  3. Lads need their heads shaking if they are happy with us signing Hamza Choudhury. He’s a living example of why Leicester have gone from League 1 to overtaking us over night. Last few years they’ve just brought better midfielders, and kept him as back up. Lads been in first team for years now, he’s 23. Never shown any signs of making it at Leicester, why would we want anything to do with him? Even Leicester fans think he’s a bunch of toss. I’m sure if you go back 12 months you can find something said to the exact replica regarding us signing Hendrick.
  4. If it was a life and death situation, I’d rather us not sign Willock if Shelvey played 18 games a season. The biggest problem with Newcastle United’s midfield is Jonjo Shelvey, Rafa had him him sussed. Shelvey has become teflon under Bruce.
  5. Mark Schwarzer, but didn’t actually play a game for either Leicester or Chelsea’s titles!
  6. Jamie O’Hara moaning on about Spurs being Spurs on TalkSPORT, should no longer be classed a ‘big club’ anymore is good value
  7. BT think they’re being cutting edge having Peter Walton to chime in. Don’t get it whatsoever, does my head in! Even if he doesn’t agree, he’s just audibly commenting on what we can clearly see. Holding out hope one day he’ll just reply with some garbage like ‘he’s made a reet pigs ear out of that, don’t know what he was thinking on that one’
  8. Doubt he’s ever won one before Laughable really considering ‘wuh 900 games in management’
  9. Yeah, and anyone in market for whatever King’s ransom Levy’s charging may as well go for Haaland or Mbappe. Sucks to be Harry. Not really able to throw his toys out either due to him supporting the club/fan connection, just relying Scrooge McDuck to run him a solid and let him talk to clubs for a decent price. If I was Levy and Kane wanted to go, I’d be taking 80M of anyone willing to pay it. No one in right mind will pay more than that anyway, he’s approaching 30 injury prone and they’re going to win fuck all with or without him. He’s tried his best for the club, if he wants out, be
  10. Son having a little cry at the end can pretty much some up this Spurs side and why Mourinho could never get a tune out of them consistently. Full of talent, but no heart. Understand the Jose critics but his Man U and this Spurs side are night and day away from what he had at Chelsea, Inter, Real and even Chelsea second time round. Incredible talent the lad, massive stage but does fuck all whole game and cries because he lost. Bit pathetic really.
  11. We all know what Bruce is, known of us need Shearer to tell us what we already know. I do appreciate some of Sky’s pundits ability to analyses and critique clubs they obviously have an affinity too. That being said, Neville is forever holding back when it comes to Bruce, but at least he’s a bit more professional enough to not be so openly chummy with that fat streak of grease. Keane, Souness, Neville, even Carragher wouldn’t be such fannies about calling out perennial wasters like Shelvey, Hendrick, Joe and generally some of the baffling decisions Bruce is constantly ma
  12. Ugghh, Sissoko playing in another final
  13. Hugo’s been busy on the goal kicks like
  14. That creep Keith Lemon in the 30 second 32Red advert on YouTube you can never skip. Dispise gambling adverts at best of time, but this one is especially annoying.
  15. That’s what I first thought when I heard Mourinho sacked then few seconds later saw what ESL plans were. His inability or reluctance to speak in that Sky Sports ambush outside his house spoke volumes as well.
  16. Kit makers dictating what’s what, obviously want away strips worn whenever away. England were playing at home not long ago in Blue ffs
  17. I’ve just grown a massive disdain for Spurs over last year, and I’ve always been a Mourinho fan, so probably not going to have most balance take on it all. Heard somewhere that since date he took over he’d accumulated 4th most points in PL. Nor sure that weasel Levy really expects, Spurs aren’t a top 2/3 club, their a 4-7th. Just bin him at end of season if you have too, before a final when you haven’t won anything in 13 years doesn’t seem best move. No doubt they’ve spent out a fortune paying him and his staff off, whilst pleading poverty ever since moving into their new stadiu
  18. Hope Pep dicks Spurs by as many as possible. Will be just deserts for Levy sacking off Mourinho and even before this ESL hullabaloo I’ve long been bored of hearing about Spurs being a ‘top top club’.
  19. Aye, have always been happy enough with him being 4th/5th choice CB at start of season, and will be going into next year. He’s rarely dropped below standards you expect from him, most weeks surpassing them! where as guys like Joe and Shelvey are getting nowhere near every week despite money ploughed into them and regular starts; Hendrick, Gayle, Carroll albeit lower standards akin to Clark are getting nowhere near every time they put on a shirt.
  20. Can’t remember last time I’ve looked at a footballers Instagram or Twitter, but I can picture the stuff on there - generic training and match day snaps, padded out with them trying to show how great their life is. Footballers don’t seem to be interesting people I’d invest my time reading about or watching - but that’s just me. It’s a constant machine of increasing and maintaining their global popularity, and they are expecting everyone at the same time to be nice to them. The world simply doesn’t work like that. Your always going to have brainless twats taking a pop or trying to knock
  21. Doesn’t address the issue of him being crap, but he’s been playing above himself for a good part of the season, certainly out performed Jamal. Can’t expect him to play at that level consistently across 20 odd games in a season at this stage of his career - he’s not that player, it’s only to be expected that he throws a few performances in certainly against top class talent Liverpool do have. Like many still involved that brought us up in 16/17 season, Clark shouldn’t be starting week in week in Premier League in our 3rd season back up.
  22. How can you really legislate beyond existing laws within the country against brainless idiots sending messages across an app though? It’s a horrible situation, but your always going to have scum in the world who will think it’s harmless and edgy to send racist crap across social media. Just as you’ll always have people people do any other immoral action and unlawful action. You can’t expect Instagram to legislate for someone thinking their edgy and clever sending Paul Pogba a cartoon emoji of a monkey can you. Ian Wright got sent a deluge of guff by some child in Ireland a
  23. Not been on BBC rumours page for a while, always a laugh whenever, but had a look earlier and every piece of transfer gossip involved at least one of the ESL clubs of not more. From small fry like Spurs wanting a striker from Northampton to Chelsea ‘eyeing up’ Haaland and Lukaku. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/56873666 Media coverage of these big clubs is just a meme. Activities of the recent week have only highlighted how bored of football I’ve become. Sadly, even with Newcastle until Bruce clears off, and hopefully Ashley my heart is just not in it. Even if fans were allowed
  24. Totally forgot Hazard existed. His career has tanked since leaving Chelsea.
  25. Mistake their making is thinking their interesting enough to be missed. Surely only little kids and the easily entertained simpletons of the world are at all bothered what they have to say. Barely use social media anymore, but when I did I wouldn’t be paying attention to what footballers and official accounts were saying anyway. Joey Barton used to be good value back in the day, but their all just sanitised extensions of whatever media team they’ve got at their clubs. Most of the screenshots of all the monkey emojis I’ve seen flying around lately have been coming fr
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