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  1. " Front foot football "
  2. Without Killer Kincline we would have dropped to the 3rd division. He literally changed our history.
  3. You just couldn't imagine Rafa putting his hand down his pants to give his town halls a good juggling in front of the press and fans at a training session could you.
  4. Fair play to the fraud, none of that was in bruce bingo.
  5. "big, big clubs" he nearly added " like my beloved Man U" the horrible fat fraud.
  6. It's 4 years not going for me and that will continue. I voted 8 because I'll still watch the matches but I won't get upset when we lose and won't be jumping with joy when/if we win. When we eventually get relegated..again, it won't bother me in the slightest. Apart from I will hate ashley just that little bit more, I'll never wish him dead. I just want him gone from the club I used to care about so much.
  7. FFS ! Fans like that deserve another 10 years of ashley and bruce.
  8. It doesn't forget about it.
  9. You deleted your first reply, why ?
  10. I dislike the man and what he has and is doing to NUFC but I wouldn't wish that on him, or anyone.
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