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  1. Joselu Joselu he might score one, he might score two. One will do...wins me a BTTS treble 3 mins into injury time.
  2. Fair point. So, do you like gravy or not ?
  3. Maybe you are the exception Over on your fan site they have an attendance thread for every single home game...they actually count how many tickets are sold each day "...couldn't give a shite" my
  4. I opened the thread with squinted eyes. Then said to myself "thank fuck"
  5. It was v QPR...and the dog was called "Shep"
  6. "Can’t be a more detestable little **** than Bruno, horrible little snide if only someone would snap the little twat in half and end his season" https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/southampton-v-nufc-kick-off-2000-sky-sports-football-•-sky-sports-main-event-•-sky-sports-main-event-ultra-hdr.1598743/page-35 It's killing the fuckers
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