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  1. This game showed us one thing. England will not win the Euros.
  2. His pace will have the Scots bricking it. Howay Sterling grab a hatrick.
  3. https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro-2020/statistics/players/goals/
  4. You had to hopscotch through stanley park in the 80s. It was well named
  5. Everton..and Liverpool were both horrible places to go to in the 80s both sets of fans were knife wielding cunts. I can honestly say i like mackems more than those from Liverpool.
  6. Royal Ascot and the Euros have made me officially skint. It's egg and chips for the next week or two.
  7. I've had one decent pick up that pulled out the crap. But I've done nowt since and I'm well down. I should stop because the fun has stopped I've got no self discipline, so I'm going in again... Howay corners and goals in the Belgium match !
  8. Belgium intend to kick the ball out of play in the 10th minute of their game with Denmark to take part in a minute's applause for Christian Eriksen.
  9. I must admit reading that brought a tear to my eye.
  10. Well he won Chelsea a cup, Everton fans would gladly settle for that.
  11. I'm pissing myself laughing at these two clowns. It's funny as fuck that they have slagged Rafa off over the years and he's ended up at Everton. It would be poetic justice if Rafa fails and sends the fuckers down
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