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  1. Surely we must of had some good feedback following our bids - as why spend so much time if we weren’t (close) to agreeing ?
  2. It’s not us paying the money though it’s Our owners let them spend what they want 🤣
  3. You can have related parties as sponsors just has to be the going rate which is fine
  4. Maybe it was us who Bakkered out of the deal ?
  5. Obviously lasting 3-4 years will be hard I only last 3-4 minutes on a good day (unless alcohol is involved)
  6. If he lasts 3-4 years keeps us up and we head up the table he will be worth the fee To be fair if anyone comes in and we stay up - it’s money worth spending Having a premier league team come next season is priceless (imho)
  7. Yeah if it was my money I would have to opt out after £1000 as I need to pay electricity / council tax / mortgage etc / childcare
  8. I would leave alone as his head must be up his arse although he might enjoy that if some of the allegations are true all (speculation) ..😬
  9. My prediction 5 signings 3 permanent 1 centre back 1 left back 1 defensive midfielder (marquee) 2 loans 1 attacking centre mid 1 centre forward / winger type
  10. Luke us a WUM and loves CUM?
  11. The story is pointless - it’s trying to assess something that hasn’t finished wait until Feb 1st then assess we haven’t lost in the league since the window opened 4 points from last two games is something we would of taken before window opened
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