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  1. Not good enough tho. He makes a lot of mistakes too. Of course a lot better than Clark or Lascelles, but still we need better players.
  2. Fernandes is veeeery slow also, its not like he is Maldini. Our centrebacks are awful.
  3. He really has no support next to him. I dont think he will suit in a lone striker role.
  4. Really need a centre back. Lascelles is so fking shit its ridiculous. How he loses so many headers is beyond me.
  5. I think we played well, but quality of crossing and shooting is awful. Longstaff had all the time in the world and still shot with his weaker foot from 20 yards.. Saint-Maximin is trying way too hard.
  6. Need a second striker anyway if Wilson is away for long. LB, CB, CM and ST.
  7. I don't think he is on 400k a week. This news was false. Reported 7 million a year, so nowhere near.
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