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the new crazy gang?! - fight the power!


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here's something for us to chew on, the media and seemingly all but our fans seem to hate nufc.

we're recruiting a squad like an army, youngsters and people who want to sign up, ie gutierrez, guthrie.

keegan is a good man motivator and can bring the best out of players, so are we forming a new gang mentality, like the sex pistols, noone likes us, and we don't care, but we're going to rally against this and work and perform our hearts out?!

i'm trying to be positive here, Skirge style, fight the power!

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I really don't think there is all that much hate towards us out there, at least compared to some clubs.


I find a lot of people, particularly those who don't listen to other's misrepresentation of us as fans, are fairly apathetic to us now as they don't think we're much of a threat and don't find themselves being jealous or bitter towards us much.

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Its more a case no-one gives a toss about us, we are old news. Once everyones second club, now just another team to laugh at when something goes wrong, which invariably does.


Whilst frustrating, I'm all for the apparent signing trend. Its not vital, but Im happy to see us signing the younger players and more importantly waiting for players that actually want to come play for our club and us as fans.


The down side is we might end up with more Duff's and Smith's than Modric's or Kaka's.




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