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  1. i've not bought a single one of our shirts since the last adidas ones in the championship. wor lass got me a knockoff-nigel 'coloccini 2' 10-11 puma shirt from soccer triads or somewhere but i've not really liked any of the kits puma have made us
  2. he'll probably get a 5 game ban or something, then it will all be swept under the carpet
  3. i wouldn't want to see them win a throw-in nevermind a trophy. hope man city hammer them, but i can see the jammy buggers winning by a deflected goal and lording it over us for the next 40+ years
  4. So Marveaux won't feature then. ''We will have to wait and see'' means No, we've all been fobbed off with that as kids
  5. Maybe Marveaux has had a good go at Pardew and said pretty much what a lot of the fans have said about him being useless and Pardew's ex-communicated him
  6. The idea of him sending teams out 'not to get beat' and playing with fear, having mentally lost the match before setting foot on the pitch is so deflating, especially the derbies. It's just so draining watching us play at the moment, more a chore than anything. Choosing not to play your most naturally gifted players like Ben Arfa and Marveaux because they're willing to take risks to try and win a game is so frustrating. I'd rather watch Ben Arfa take risks trying to win a match than Taylor taking risks trying to be a hero in his own box A number of players do seem to have regressed since signing and lost confidence in their own ability to play and it's down to Pardew and his coaches to stop that from happening and they're not doing it. The entire coaching staff needs an overhaul because we've got some good players who are underperforming and that's down to the coaching staff and the manager
  7. or maybe Kinnear's relinquished the director of football position to free him up to take over from Pardew should he get the bullet
  8. He's been outwitted by Poyet 4 matches in a row and lost 3 derbies in a row. Inept cunt
  9. I read that as... I hope this coward loses his job today.
  10. He's a clueless fuckwit and an embarrassment to the club on every level. A wage thief who should have retired years ago.
  11. Yep, Ashley/Kinnear/Pardew are sucking the enjoyment out of football and NUFC for me. I can see the rest of the season being exactly like tonight's match and petering out into nothingness, similar to the remainder of the 94-95 season after we sold Cole. I'm looking forward to the World Cup though
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