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Napoli fan successfully sues Inter for "existential damage"


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Italian champions Inter have been ordered to pay damages to a Napoli supporter, who sued for "existential damage" caused by offensive chanting and banners displayed by Nerazzurri fans during a league match last October.


Inter have been ordered to pay €1,500 to the fan, who has chosen to remain anonymous, after their supporters showed banners at the San Siro calling Naples the "sewer of Italy". Other banners read: "Ciao cholera sufferers" and "Neapolitans have got tuberculosis" in reference to a crisis in which the streets of the southern Italian city became deluged with rotting refuse for several months following a dispute involving Camorra-run waste disposal service companies, landfill sites and the government.


The fan's lawyer, Raffaele Di Monda, said the chanting and the banners had left his client feeling "indignant and deeply hurt". Inter, who won the game 2-1 thanks to two Julio Cruz strikes, had already been punished by the Italian league, which ordered the sections of San Siro where the banners had been shown to be closed for the following home match, and the Milan club's defence argued that the Naples court did not have the jurisdiction to make the judgment. However, the club must now pay compensation as a consequence of the behaviour of their supporters in addition to the maligned supporter's legal expenses.




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Guest Ironskull

Never again will i call Mackems s*** stabbing aids carriers,it might cost me two bob.


Here's a direct quote from the Sunday Pictorial of 29th April 1951:


"Sunderland 1 West Brom 1 - There was a meagre attendance of 17,000 for this game. The usual Roker Park fans were either at Wembley or beside their wireless set. And either place was better than the game hich had a typical end-of-the-season flavour about it.

The small crowd had sixty-seven minutes to wait for a goal - sixty-seven minutes of missed chance and dull Soccer.

Then Allen seized his chance to put West Brom ahead. His shot was deflected by Mapson by a Sunderland defender.

Ford's equaliser was a good effort - the result of a smart piece of work betwen Shackleton and the centre forward.

but the biggest cheer of he day was when word went round that Newcastle United were bringing the Cup to the North-East"


My, things have changed....

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