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  1. Have you stopped beating your girlfriend? Yes or no?
  2. So Ashley instructed his people to make up stories about death threats in order to have an excuse to persecute the Geordie Nation. What a mastermind of evil and cunning!
  3. If I was Ashley I'd be thinking about how to gimmick the roof of the West Stand so on sunny matchdays it'll spell "Sports Direct" in shadows on the pitch.
  4. There seems to be a general consensus that the East Stand is untouchable due to the listed buildings behind it. However, could it not be extended vertically like Boca Juniors did with the Bombonera? it would look odd but it could prove a cheaper option than building over the road and metro station at the Gallowgate (on land which the club no longer owns so that would be an extra cost) I think that has been suggested but the Leazes terrace complained that it would block the natural light and leave them in a permanent shadow Then as long as they house only mackem students there, no problem.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUddZmZbrRs Was listening to this at breakfast, and it was still with me while I cycled to Mitte this morning. I pedalled through the Brandenburg Gate, and had a flashback to the first time I ever looked at it, peering over the Wall, just shy of 34 years ago. Like the rest of Berlin, it's changed a bit. The phrase came into my head, “Nothing will ever be the same again." And it occurred to me that usually people say that when something big happens, something epic, something game-changing. But actually it's just as true of every ordinary moment of every ordinary day. The way things were this morning, they're never going to be quite that way again.
  6. Australia Austria Belgium Cambodia China Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Gibraltar Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Japan Macedonia Montenegro Morocco Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Switzerland Turkey United States Vietnam I also visited, back when they existed as such: Czechoslovakia East Germany Yugoslavia
  7. Amazon’s Kindle deal of the day (99p on amazon.co.uk): "The King in the North: The Life and Times of Oswald of Northumbria" by Max Adam http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-King-North-Oswald-Northumbria-ebook/dp/B00CGOD5K0/ref=zg_bs_362335031_2 'A triumph. The most gripping portrait of 7th-Century Britain that I have read ... A Game of Thrones in the Dark Ages' Tom Holland, The Times. 'An engagingly populist and evocative book that makes a bold and effective attempt to bring a particularly obscure period in northern British history to the general reader' Literary Review. 'This early ruler had a life, and a legacy that rivals any fable' Independent. 'Gripping, hugely enjoyable and deeply scholarly.' History Today Books of the Year.
  8. Well, I watched all the first seven shows twice, some of them three times, before watching the finale, and I thought the finale was crap. Almost as crap as the ending of Lost, and for similar reasons.
  9. I think it's only about Crimea.
  10. Russians invade Ukraine http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/10669475/Ukraine-Russia-accused-of-armed-invasion-amid-claims-that-aircraft-are-flying-troops-to-Crimea.html Yep, so much for Foreign Affairs.
  11. Why Russia won't invade Ukraine: http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/140980/kimberly-marten/crimean-punishment?cid=soc-facebook-in-snapshots-crimean_punishment-022714
  12. Two magpies sitting on the roof opposite. It's a sign! 2-0
  13. Brill isn't underwater. It's on a hill. Ancient village and very atmospheric place. No idea about hotels, like. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brill
  14. Aye, that's nuts. Haven't checked the German idioms lesson yet, tbh. Think the first one I learnt in English was "It's raining cats and dogs" which I always found silly/funny. Can't imagine how that's going to work, as idioms are so, well, idiomatic. In English, pigs fly, while in German, horses vomit in front of the pharmacy (seriously). (Apparently, horses can't vomit. Fuck knows what the pharmacy has to do with it.) In German, pigs might whistle on similar occasions to when English ones fly. You can hardly fault German for its lack of pig idioms. Someone can be a pig priest, stuff is pig expensive, having some luck is having pig, and you can overcome your inner pigdog.
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