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Hi lads,


I'm starting a sunday league team which we're entering into next season.


Just wondering if anyone has much info about some essential stuff.


Basically I know most already apart from little bits like where's the best place for decent priced equipment, and best place for insurance. We're also after sponsorship aswell.


So as much info as people could give could really give a big help.


And if anyone is interested in a friendly at some point we'd be interested in that, we have gateshead stadium block booked on sunday evenings for friendlies/training.

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Your league should sort you with insurance, you should just have to send them a cheque for the amount they ask for, the leagues obviously get it cheaper as they get so many teams insured.

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Aye you're more than welcome to join us for a friendly,


We have the pitches booked every fortnight from next sunday, 5-7pm. Price is £92 so if you want a game, it's £46 per team.

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