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  1. KDT

    Plane spotting

    Picking up the Sports Direct signs to reuse.
  2. Not sure why Gerrard gets such a bad rep, he's done nothing but improve that Rangers team in the League & Europe, always seems to speak well and his players seem to enjoy playing for him.
  3. Our defenders are pretty crap but I would hope he's got more to work with here then Simon Francis, Adam Smith & Steve Cook.
  4. & more likely for those in the crowd to turn against him quicker as well.
  5. Might’ve already been posted
  6. 3 minutes into a YouTube video of Howe and he mentions ‘how can we impose ourselves on them’ after Bruceball I’m sold on Howe.
  7. Any danger we can just get behind whoever is appointed?
  8. KDT

    NFL 2021

    Not ideal, hopefully it’s the 8-10 weeks being talked about and he’s back for the playoffs. We practically won the division yesterday.
  9. Said to some mates on Sunday when Yasir was buzzing that for all of the recent investments of PIF he's not going to get that type of feeling anywhere else in his business life, Disney on Ice isn't going to be able to compete. Hopefully that feeling keeps him interested and wanting it regularly.
  10. KDT

    Transfer rumours

    Can we have Merino back please
  11. Increase St James’ to its maximum, make it super difficult to get a ticket, get the atmosphere unreal and don’t care about match day revenue (which is shit for a club anyway).
  12. What a petulant man-child he is.
  13. Hopefully it's an extra few days to get things straight with a new DoF and Manager with Bruce being peddled on Monday.
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