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  1. Got an assist on Tuesday and almost one tonight if he had’ve kept the ball in play.
  2. Getting Champions League money changes so much in what we can spend on transfers and how much we can fiddle through sponsorship.
  3. KDT

    Anthony Gordon

    What catchy tune was sung for young Anthony?
  4. Yeah he did absolutely nothing wrong last night, people just have a problem with him. First run he did when he lost possession close to their by-line after a good run, the groans were probably the loudest part of the crowd in the second half.
  5. Hey Jude can fuck right off, Movin' on Up seemed very appropriate in the later half of last season though, but aye lets fuck the Beatles shit off.
  6. KDT

    Callum Wilson

    I think he probably knows he's not been up to his usual standard as well, can't knock his graft and effort but things just not going for him.
  7. KDT

    Callum Wilson

    Needs one to go in off his arse, he was in the right place on a couple of occasions but does seem maybe a yard off it. Would've had a tap in had Almiron crossed in the second half when the ball was on his right foot rather than play it back out to the support behind.
  8. Lukaku has been awful this season, I'm not sure who will be willing to pay his wages & a big fee for him. It wouldn't surprise me if he ended up leaving on a free in the summer just so they can cut his wages, other than that maybe a loan to Turkey or something along those lines, he'll be 30 by the end of this season. I'm not sure who's going to be willing to pay a big fee for Sterling either, they'll absolutely take a big drop on the £50M that they paid for him last summer. Havertz seems like it has loan to Bayern Munich written allover it & Hudson-Odoi is on massive wages for what he's currently offering, he's not been that great at Leverkusen. I think they'll struggle to recoup a lot in transfer fees it's going to be mainly loans and getting wages off their books. Colwill, Chalobah & Gallagher or the ones who will have some value in a transfer, it wouldn't totally shock me if they started looking at letting Reece James go. He could command a huge fee and obviously with his HG status it helps their FFP massively, Gusto has been brought in for a reason. Would Man City look at James as a long term Walker replacement.
  9. There's no way Almiron is being dropped/rested and he shouldn't be either.
  10. I'm not saying they're near each other talent wise but Longstaff can run. I would hope the next lot of signings we bring in especially those for Gallagher money can consistently offer more than pressing.
  11. It sort of does in that if they have a decent game I probably now think he could improve us because well we're pretty good now aren't we.
  12. He started like a house on fire at Palace then only scored 2 after New Year, I just find him a bit meh really. Classic English midfielder who doesn't really do anything exceptional. I wasn't impressed with him in any of our games against them last season either, he was taken off in our home game because he got very little out of our midfield.
  13. The last time Gallagher looked any good was around the same time Gordon did as well but the two are viewed very differently by our fan base.
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