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Ashleys taking over,

a new owner's in place,

I for one did not believe it,

'til I saw his face.

He came forward -

He got power, the leader of a race,

The Geordie Boot Boys began to have,

a new, reborn blind faith.


Keegan re-installed,

the messiah was now back,

it all seemed fine and dandy,

until Mike gave power to a sack.

Wise by name not nature,

our team deadly in attack,

but Keegan whinged - board thought they'd won,

but knowledge is what they lack.


Oh how the footy crumbled,

Oh how the times got bad,

we got several different managers,

crazy...just a tad,

From bad to worse the times got,

The Geordie Boys grew sad,

To follow that shite we seen last year,

We must be fucking mad.


We got ourselves a new faith,

a one in a man called Shearer,

he had 8 games left to do it,

and the message couldn't have been clearer.

We're all in this together lads,

lets pull together, nearer,

We have to get us out this shit,

The price we'll pay if we don't couldn't be any dearer.


We went 7 games, we had a chance,

a point was all we'd need,

But a majority of those ont hat pitch,

Did not do their professional deed,

The Championship is almost here,

We need to get rid of the weeds,

and grow into the club we can be,

by using our young seeds.


But still I look for something,

Just any form of light,

All I want is something,

to make signing an application seem just right.

As time goes on, the days go by,

and we wait night by night,

all I can think as I sign this form,

Is that we're fucking shite.


But i'll still do it, I will sign,

Even if it seems wrong.

We can be led by a bunch of pricks,

or even one big shlong,

The Championship is where we'll be,

but not be their for long

But I'll be there to shout and cheer,

Because St James' is where I belong.

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