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  1. I know, but having rationale is boring.
  2. Persistence is key and singing it at quiet times. Instead of "Toon" I actually chant "New-Cas-tle" between Uniteds too. Toon United doesn't really make all that much sense and it's a modern thing. Bizarre tbh. The 3 claps match the syllables of New Cas Tle.
  3. Wor Geordies Lost His Liggy is the one I kna without yet clicking the link. Got it on a CD
  4. The one from the Irish club? Absolutely lush that. Best version I've ever heard. Proper hearty stuff.
  5. Yous are making Toon Ultras sound right seedy like it was actually a group of kids...
  6. There seems to be a few TU veterans on here like. Never realised yous were all lurking in the shadows
  7. Aye, there was. It was by and large a good group if people, just too young to be effective and one or two bad apples.
  8. I'll try to keep mentioning it to certain folk in the group mate and hopefully they can make a breakthrough with their contacts.
  9. Was he actually done for sumit like? I know of another who defo was done for it but it wasn't him.
  10. Yep, everyone thought we were charvas, and bairns and hooligans and all this shit. Was more like a junior Wor Flags tbh.
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