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  1. Happy some of the old lot are back. Fantastic.
  2. Rocker


    Off to Barbados for a couple of weeks. Belated honeymoon and all that. See you all soon.
  3. So we buy 7 players. If they want to stay up, they'll have to.
  4. There's no room for sentimentality from Howe now, that's gone. He needs to drop the lads that can't perform. I'm not saying they're not trying, but they're just not good enough. Not at all.
  5. It's not just that game though. He's been shite for a long time. We need two new centre backs minimum. Schar is a luxury we can't afford, too.
  6. Deflated? I'm flat as a witches tit. Lascelles shouldn't be playing and that buck stops at Howe. He's not a captain and he's not a premiership centre back. I do like Howe but I feel he's almost selecting players to not upset the apple cart rather than ability of form. There should be no 'arms around' these players. They don't need protecting. They either perform or they're replaced. Fuck em.
  7. Got this from the club when I got married in October. Lovely touch.
  8. Rocker


    Nice one. Just thought I had natural immunity.
  9. Rocker

    Chris Wood

    Never change, mate.
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