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Newcastle News Book - Toffs


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Off topic (sorry mate) but last Christmas I got my dad the first NUFC programme after he was born. Got it from the Back Page for about £6 - Mark Jensen suggested it (I know Mark anyway because I used to sell The Mag for a bit) and my dad loved it. Obviously some programmes will be more expensive than others.


Btw the match was Cardiff at home. We got beat 4-0. :lol:


Edit: I mean Mark suggested it when I was in the shop btw.  He was working there, maybe he partly owns the place or something.

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Been struggling to find my Dad a Christmas present and have just stumbled across this at TOFFS.


Has anyone got it? It looks pretty quality like but just want to make sure it does as it says and covers all the main events etc.







Yeh i got it , quite interesting. Back in the 30's they used to put players weights in for some reason on every match report , footballers back then were quite light , 11 stone at the most.


Would definitely recommend it but it was a bit expensive.

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