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  1. People need to stop fat-shaming Rafa, absolutely not on.
  2. Looks like they've got rid of it, Sunderland do have a large racist contingent amongst their fans.
  3. Has Fenerbache written all over him.
  4. Fenham Mag

    Paul Dummett

    His Dad is big in the grassroots coaching scene so wouldn't surprise me.
  5. Twitter (I know) seems relatively confident who it is, and the details of how it also was treated as kidnap. The person in question is posted further up on this page.
  6. Must have a CB replacement lined up with Lejeune going out.
  7. Feel sorry for the fans that the KO time has changed at such short notice, bloody sky
  8. Two private jets landing in NCL soon, both coming from Luton: https://fr24.com/PDY25A/256d9e7c https://fr24.com/C56X/256d9f8c
  9. Nope, but if they've passed the test, would they really want to be in a position where nobody can watch the team play? I think banning the Saudi people watch us for a few seasons might be a good thing, we're absolutely shocking and it will take time to rebuild.
  10. He won POTY with us which gets my respect.
  11. We kept alert about it, which is all you can ask at the minute.
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