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  1. The fact Willock and Willems were loans is what's put us in this position. That's what happens when a big part of your transfer policy is kicking the can down the road.
  2. It's a funny time to spend a daft amount of money on Kane imo. He's added new facets to his game the last couple of seasons but he really looked like he'd lost a step in the Euros. Might end up a bit like the Torres to Chelsea transfer. Probably not though, he'll doubtless score hundreds
  3. genuinely thought Harold was a Brazilian I'd never heard of there. Thought that's a bit dear.
  4. speaking personally, life is usually a lot harder than it needs to be for me because my head's a cunt and is out to get me. There's power in accepting that it'll probably always be that way but consistently working on it, and not feeling like I'm due any rewards for doing so. Years ago though while I was still drinking, I woke up every single day and wanted to die. I used to obsess about it daily, for maybe 10 years. So I'm not there anymore and that's something. If someone else here is there then I feel terrible because that place is so difficult it can feel impossible, but honest
  5. Jill, I'm so chuffed for you. Congrats on the milestone but more importantly congrats on the new life. You deserve it.
  6. Back when I was pissed 24/7 I was part of a Facebook chat with mates and although it was a good laugh I'd end up going on drunken, righteous rants at people for what I'd probably look at now as minor grievances with what someone had said, and leaving the group in a radge. Think the last time I did that was a few months before I packed in drinking and anytime I've thought about asking to go back into the group I've thought it's actually not worth the hassle. I'm happier out of it. Being in the group would lead me back into old behaviours - feeling I had to be constantly
  7. You get arrested for signing Wayne Hennessey these days.
  8. Interpolic


    Nobody gives a fuck about the young though, as long as the ladder pullers are alright then happy days.
  9. Anyone watching that fat wanker make a meal of scraping 40 points next season needs sectioned. Think this is the season I finally turn into a MOTD fan, at best.
  10. Can't wait to total up the amounts that the super cunts end up spending and seeing how many multiples more it is than the £20m fine they got for trying to ruin football forever. Still extremely annoyed they weren't just kicked out of the league and the crazy money they're spending again this summer after pleading poverty cements that.
  11. "Feelings are not facts" is a good one. When I'm feeling crap my head tries to list all of the negative shit and convince me it's a fair reflection on things, and there's a lot of power in realising that's false. Kets - good luck with it. Focus on the positives, e.g. seeing your lass, a change of scene etc. Make sure you get out for a walk once a day. You'll work this all out at some point and wonder why it seemed so insurmountable at the time.
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