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  1. Does it work across multiple threads on mobile? You can just press + in threads a, b and c, then when you open the text box in thread d they'll all be there? Edit: yes it does, you just click the "quote x posts" box in thread d. Infuriatingly easy
  2. Oh for fucks sake that is so much easier than how I did it the few times I did
  3. 12 months ago Caicedo had just been recalled from a loan in Belgium because Brighton were low on midfielders. He's still only made <30 PL appearances. I'm sure he's as close to a sure-fire thing as it gets if Arsenal are bidding £60m but it's mental how much some relatively unproven players are going for these days.
  4. A few times a year I tediously post that we've needed someone who can play across the front 3 since Remy and that it will solve so many issues in our squad. I didn't have Anthony fucking Gordon in mind tbh but I'll take it He appears to have solid fundamentals for his position so if his attitude is right then hopefully he will develop well. Howe and his team have transformed the careers of players in their mid to late 20s, so just think what they can do with a 21 year old if all goes well. There it is, that's my "well he's practically signed now so let's be optimistic" post
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    Andy Cole

    It was justified at the time by Keegan saying he wanted to change the way we played. If you just look at it in money terms we effectively swapped Cole for Gillespie and a more well rounded (but older) striker in Ferdinand. And additional funds spent on Ginola, Hislop, Barton and later Shearer.* I'm still not sure tbh, I was gutted as an 11 year old but loved the side that followed. Cole for us was a finishing machine which meant he had limitations but for all Ferguson improved his all round game I think he lost some of that dynamism at Man Utd. * Edit: and Batty and Asprilla as well! We spent quite a lot during that period beyond the Cole fee.
  6. Loved ep 2, actually preferred it to the first ep quite a lot. It captured the essence of the games, travelling through the beautifully twisted world with scary / violent interludes and plenty of amusing patter. I actually wasn't 100% convinced last week (it was good but the hype was slightly OTT I thought) but I am really excited for the rest of it now.
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    You are, thanks. Will try these. I'd never have thought to choose direct passing tbh, thought it meant hoofing but good to know.
  8. Interpolic


    Ah wow that sounds like handy stuff, cheers @Rich- I will play around with the settings. I am playing Seasons with Newcastle, using 44(fucking)2 as it is the best way to fit our best players in. I am staying clear of UT for now but will doubtless be tempted again at some point.
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    Been playing this again a bit recently, and it is still the same miserable experience I recall. That said, are there any sites or whatever with decent custom tactic examples so I can at least get the players not playing like morons?
  10. Assume there were 11 ducks unless 1 or 2 of them had been red carded. A quick Google suggests 11 is a lucky number, in dreams and other contexts. Think joey's dream might be WOAT or a sub-forum at this stage tbh.
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    Ace posts

    He left me a voice message on Xbox many years ago, and my ex was trembling at the knees No that's not why she's my ex, it was only a relatively small part of the reason we split up.
  12. In our house we watch with Mandarin subs if they're available, as English is my wife's 3rd or 4th language. If not then we watch with English subs but it's not ideal. Netflix is great for international subs and some of the other SVOD services are getting better. The likes of BBC, Sky etc are English-only. If there are no subs at all then we often won't bother, or try different devices etc. A lot of Sky's UHD content is annoyingly subless so we'll watch at a lower quality rather than go without subtitles.
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