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  1. This is good advice I reckon, although I think screaming into towels is fine unless you're on here in 5 years time saying "areet lads I'm still screaming into towels over that lass" through a towel. It sounds like a kick in the balls though Mike, hard to give advice as I know that when you're in the thick of these things it's all-consuming and having perspective is difficult. Suppose you need to try to think OK so it's not her, it'll be someone else instead. Have that mantra (or similar) in your head to fall back on. Hope you can get your head free of it soon anyway,
  2. My fixed rate ends soon, I know the answer is to do nothing but will all energy companies switch you to the price cap automatically? Or do I need to check my terms? Assuming they can't switch you to another fixed rate without your agreement?
  3. Next 6 games if we can get 9+ points we'll still not be cut adrift or anything, that only feels possible with new signings that would transform our play and mentality though.
  4. Agree with neesy, about 7.5. There have been teams in the past looking worse than us and in worse predicaments that have survived. The longer it goes on with performances so passive while we can't turn draws into wins, the more worrying it gets though.
  5. Everything is trial and error unfortunately, that goes for meds, therapy types, individual therapists. What works for someone else isn't necessarily going to work for you, I think you just need to work on it until you crack it or at least have techniques to keep your head above water when things are bad. Your moving house thing sounds like my new job thing. No matter how well I prepare, how good the situation is, all of those old feelings flood back and it floors me. So it makes sense that that's a trigger, but you probably need a professional to help you with why, and how to deal
  6. Had a meltdown today which had been building up for a while. My anxiety manifests itself physically, my body aches and I feel sick for like 12 hours at a time and it has been getting worse all week. I started a new job 2 weeks ago and that situation is always a trigger for me personally, however I approach it. The physical symptoms were too much this morning and I was in a fit of tears for quite a while. First time my wife has seen me like that. Decided I needed to speak to some people quickly - mam, old boss, GP - and unfortunately was once again in the position where I needed to
  7. Us: How many limbs has he got? Other Club: Four Us: Four! God! My four limbed bastard footballer
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