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  1. Mario Odyssey is a joyful experience like. I see Nintendo announced some N64 games will be available from October on a more expensive version of their online membership: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2021/September/Introducing-Nintendo-Switch-Online-Expansion-Pack-2044266.html 9 games at launch and the likes of Banjo Kazooie coming later. I may go in for that having recently completed Mario 64 on Mario All Stars and being pleasantly surprised by how well it had aged.
  2. Interpolic

    Steve Bruce

    This is fucking hilarious. Clip of the year. What a car crash, man
  3. Interpolic

    Steve Bruce

    "That's why they are the way they are" about the fans FFS The fat pleb's charm offensive knows no bounds. Hilarious.
  4. Interpolic

    Steve Bruce

    Explosive quotes there Clearly had a nice chilled holiday.
  5. Ah man, really sorry to hear about this Mike. Make sure you have pride in the good son you were and all of the stuff you did to look after him when he needed you. It'll help you to cope with this, knowing that. Re grief, the waves and the way it manifests itself are pretty unpredictable in my experience so all you can do is look after yourself and keep an eye on it. Please reach out to me or others if you ever want a chat. Take care man, thinking of you and your family.
  6. That's a lot of heavy stuff, man. Be kind to yourself. Some days I have to give up and say "survive until the end of the day" and that's without having to deal with the challenges you're dealing with. Are you still able to get out and about while you recover, without over-exerting yourself of course? A potter about to break up the day each day helps keep my head level.
  7. 3 attackers vs Andorra, and Lingard when he's about 10th choice at Man Utd
  8. Was buy one get one free, presumably.
  9. There's always an undercurrent of scepticism towards anything foreign when discussing PFMs. If you can do this with their name and it sounds like something that would naturally roll off Paul Merson's tongue then they are probably a PFM: "If his name was Antonio PĂșlis we'd all be raving about him, Jeff"
  10. Vince apparently taking over production of NXT
  11. Terrific shout, that. I can't remember ever being more moved by a performance than I was that one.
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