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Commentator for England Under 21s.

Optimistic Nut

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LOL!,btw he is out!,thats really not good,martin o...srry glenn roeder will be really pissed as our players are falling one by one,and he will finally have to use,oh no,!, it albeto,the former betis,srry deportive player


living here in the middle east,never thought their is worst then our commentators,but here you go,a guy who thinks we actually sold milner even though he started most of our games


did he see the EPL,or is he just naive



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"Milner being replaced by his Villa team mate Peter Whittingham"....


about a minute later...


"Milner just nursing his ankle in the dugout, shouldn't be much to worry about for Martin O'Neill and company".


Thick b*stard. :lol:


I noticed that, too.


I think that mentally, Milner IS still at Villa (I'm messing about, not taking the piss) (although, I've possibly got a point)

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