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Ideal Transfer Strategy for Newcastle United


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Transfer Strategies


I wonder what kind of transfer strategy would you prefer / adopt if you were entrusted the managership of Newcastle united. From my personal observations, there are a few distinctive styles of transfer different managers/whoever-in-charge adopt. What im going to write in the following involves a lot of generalization, and neglect the odds, exceptions n the non conformities - but hopefully you get my drift. (I ignore the sugar daddy superstar style of signing)


A. Ferguson - never afraid to spend (sensibly), n spend your way up success.

      Typical signings - berbatov, cantona, jones, young, keane, Ferdinand, tevez

       Disadvantage - sharp transfer nose needed, mistakes could be costly


B. Wenger - buy loads of youngsters, cheap or dear, n count on them to turn good

      Typical signings - Fabregas, Walcott, Ramsey, vela, chamberlain

       Disadvantage - success rate is low, n lots of brooding needed


C. Comolli-spurs - buy young established foreign players whose English equivalent would cost bombs

      Typical signings - berbatov, vdv, sandros, Kaboul, corluka, Gomez

       Disadvantage - the issue of adaptation. Kaboul, Gomez, sandro?


D. Comolli- Liverpool - buy players with good stats

      Typical signings - downing, Henderson, Carroll, Adams

       Disadvantage - to be seen, but they r not cheap


E. Martinez/Kean - buy dirt cheap lesser known foreign players

      Typical signings - gohouri, alcaraz, crusat, Formica, rochina, petrovic

       Disadvantage - sharp transfer nose needed. Dross r typically cheap


F. Llambias - strictly value for money, n not expensive

      Typical signings - ba, cabaye, marveaux, Ben arfa

       Disadvantage - missing out on players


G. Moyes - loan then purchase

     Typical signings - arteta, Manuel Fernandez, drenthe, Stracqualursi, Howard

       Disadvantage - limited options 


H. Pulis - proven England based players

      Typical signings - entire stokes

       Disadvantage - costly, n unlikely to surprise


Which style, in your opinion, is most suitable for Newcastle united as the backbone strategy ?

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