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  1. TBG

    The homeowners' thread

    How much RPM do you get out of that bad lad?
  2. TBG

    The homeowners' thread

    Bought a Shark hoover. What a fucking piece of kit it is. Outstanding.
  3. Those bloody refugees though eh.
  4. TBG


    I've had a cold for most of the week so have been self testing most days. Like fuck can I swab my tonsils though.
  5. TBG

    Daft Questions Thread

    One for the old folks on here ( @Interpolic etc), at what age did you get the phone cover that also has room to store bank cards etc?
  6. Large double quarter pounder meal and a triple cheeseburger from McDonalds. Can feel the left side of my heart shutting down.
  7. Originally something to do with the Venkys and Blackburn wasn't it?
  8. TBG


    All Ian Brown is doing is showing he is possibly the evolutionary missing link and has the intelligence or lack of, to go with it.
  9. TBG

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Keith Lemon is still getting work.
  10. TBG


    33,000 people: 'The vaccine is bad for you. LoOk iT uP. Passport are there to collect our data!!!!!' Also 33,000 people:
  11. How the fuck did Zach Braff pull Florence Pugh
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