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  1. I'm not actually looking for anything in particular. If a relationship comes from it, great, but I'm not at the "Oh my God, I'm gonna die alone. I need to find someone", stage just yet. Wouldn't say I've got high standards, but I need the personality to go with the looks and that combination for me only seem to come around so often, which is why I think it gets me so down when things don't work out with said particular people.
  2. The blatant sponsoring might be a stumbling block given what's going on at Man City
  3. Partly down to still being strung up over someone but I've got no problem lining up dates or hookups. I just can't be arsed going through with them, and when I eventually do have the serotonin levels to want to, they can't be arsed anymore. It's a vicious cycle.
  4. That's a super signing given the market.
  5. Could we make it the new forum banner?
  6. TBG

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Though some of you....
  7. TBG

    Hogwarts Legacy

    In the game to be clear
  8. TBG

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Can I kill everyone
  9. My hypothetical kids haven't stopped crying over these breaches.
  10. Crazy when you consider it's marsch next month.
  11. It was now or never really, didn't want this form dragging into marsch.
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