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  1. Granted it's another quick mock up, but something like this perhaps?
  2. Possibly Either way he's stil class whoever he is.
  3. Andrew Ryan from Bioshock. "Would you kindly..." Is still a great reveal to this day.
  4. I'm assuming they've ran it past us first?
  5. Either way Stavely said end of November, but we're now the first week of December. Again too slow. PIF out.
  6. Hopefully they receive some prison justice.
  7. His signature looks like a knob
  8. TBG


    Wouldn't mind those who refuse to wear masks, if they weren't also those that see covering their mouth when coughing as optional.
  9. TBG

    The weather

    Petition to ban people from buying off roaders if they still can't drive them in snow. Walked down my street to a massive queue of cars thinking there must have been a crash. Nope. Brand new 4x4 Mercedes at the front going along at under 10mph on a road with barely any snow or ice on.
  10. TBG

    Daft questions

    Is my jeans continuously splitting in the gooch area down to: A.) Cheap jeans B.) Being fat C.) Huge cock D.) All of the above
  11. TBG

    Your pet hates

    I know the answer is to get rid of Facebook, but waking up and checking it to see nothing but 'Teehee those naughty elves have been in the night! Roflmao!!!' posts. Fuck off and grow up.
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