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Chronicle article - Roeder best ever manager!

Guest Toonarama

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Guest Toonarama

Oh dear


The Evening Chronicle's Lee Ryder published an article today stating that website "www.toonarama.co.uk" states that statistically Roeder is our best ever manager.


Unfortunately the website article was written at the end of last year and the figures are only correct up to this time.


To be fair Lee did ask for permission to base his article on the page but I thought he would realise the stats needed updating.


So please, before there is a Toonarama backlash, I know it's incorrect!


thank you

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This is totally out of character for a Chronicle employee to base an article on shite information bluelaugh.gif  by that I mean him using the old information as if current.  The Chronicle are still the club apologists despite all of the stick they've been getting.

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Guest Toonarama

At least they asked.


The Rough Guides book on Newcastle "used" a great deal of stuff off the site without permission but came unstuck when they included the following chant in their best ever songs:


"Arthur Bottom, Arthur Bottom, Arthur Arthur Bottom, he shoots so hard no one can stop'em, Arthur Arthur Bottom"


and of course it has never been sung having been completely made up!

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Stats good news for boss Roeder

Dec 2 2006


By Lee Ryder, The Evening Chronicle


Glenn Roeder wasn't everyone's choice when he was appointed as Newcastle United manager on a full-time basis back in May.


United had to go to war with the Premier League just to get him in the dug-out, but by the time he guided the side he captained as a player to seventh place and back into Europe, sections of the Geordie public were beginning to see the benefits of giving Roeder the reins at St James' Park.


But while his honeymoon period is certainly over this term, slowly and surely, United have shown signs in recent weeks of climbing back up the table, following draws at Man City and Arsenal and a win over Portsmouth.


It's true that Roeder has lead both West Ham and Watford to seventh place before - which was quickly followed by relegation.


Yet, while many sceptics feel that Roeder is on the brink of a hat-trick with United, a different statistic tells a different story when it comes to life under the Londoner - Roeder is currently Newcastle's most successful ever manager!


Since Roeder took charge he has enjoyed 22 wins, 10 draws and 11 defeats in 43 games - leaving him with the best win percentage.


For Newcastle website www.toonarama.co.uk has chalked up a remarkable set of statistics that puts Roeder at the top of the tree when it comes to Toon bosses.


Roeder has won 62% of his games so far, although it has to be said that he has been in charge for less than most of his rivals.


Not surprisingly, Kevin Keegan comes in behind Roeder, with his win ratio at a healthy 56%.


His nearest rivals are George Martin (49%), Sir Bobby Robson (47%) and Duggie Livingston (50%).


But at the bottom of the pile is Ossie Ardilles (21%), with Richard Dinnis, Bill McGarry and Jackie Charlton for immediate company.


The guys at toonarama.co.uk also point out United lost 40% of their games under Ardilles - losing even more were Norman Smith (48%), Richard Dinnis (46%) and Charlie Mitten (44%).


Keegan (24%), Martin (25%) and Robson (28%) lost the least percentage of games.


Roeder also finishes top of their points-per-game table - based on everyone picking up three points for a win. This gives a more accurate reflection of the managers' success at the club, but the top five is relatively unchanged - Martin and Livingstone exchanging places due to Martin losing a much smaller percentage of games.


The bottom five also stays fairly stable, but Jack Charlton moves up due to his significantly lower percentage of defeats.


For more information on Toon stats visit www.toonarama.co.uk

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