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Above all else, enjoy it.


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This might sound initially silly. But think about it. This next 5-10 years (hopefully longer of course) COULD be the most exciting era ever in the club's history. I don't even mean compared to what went before, I mean EVER. If we as humans, were able to see 500 years into the future to be able to look back, this next decade or so might actually be AS GOOD AS IT EVER GETS. It's all philosophical speculation based on nothing more than adrenaline and excitement I know, but it might never get as good as it's about to get, ever again.


The main point being, don't let other's jealousy, agendas and pious hypocritical bullshit get in the way of enjoying this. If you want to argue and engage with them, have fun with it. If you want to agree with general points that others make and have meaningful discourse on serious topics beyond football, have at it, more power to you. Don't let it spoilt your health as i've allowed the past 14 years to impact mine. This is way too big not to enjoy to the fullest. It might not ever be an era to be repeated. Don't let it pass you by.


I hope this post comes across like I intended :lol:

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There's also a (hopefully extremely minor) possibility that things might not work out as well as we might hope and for they reason you really should just enjoy how it feels right now. The hope is literally infinite at this point in time. 

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