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  1. Im referring to Hazard
  2. He's already turned us down.
  3. Liddle is a fully certified wanker. Just ignore the hypocrisy and Frank Jealousy from abroad. We are NUFC and be are sworn to put scorn on our detractors; foreign and domestic. Fuck’em.
  4. Haz

    Lush lasses (PNSFW)

    Phwoar. Ankles oot for the lads.
  5. I understand that. It’s just Joelinton is real.
  6. Haz


    Spitfire. With a little bit of cheeky License?
  7. Haz


    One from a few years ago. Can't hold a camera now so I thought, eh what the hell. Hawker Hurricane. Shot down more aircraft than Spitfires.
  8. Haz

    Chris Wood

    Nau mai haere mai
  9. Haz

    Chris Wood

    Still time for another.
  10. Haz

    Chris Wood

    Done and Done; just announced.
  11. Haz

    So.. what did you get?

    27"iMac. Seiko watch. Electric shaver. Money. All in all I did pretty well.
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