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  1. Haz

    Anthony Gordon

    You’re not alone in this; there’s very little courtesy these days. My bugbear is leaving a cap out hat on when coming indoors. Or sitting eating with hat on. But I guess that’s for a different thread.
  2. Haz

    Anthony Gordon

    He’s wor ugly rat now. I’ll give him all my support as will we all.
  3. Haz

    Matheus França

    Is there really enough time left to push it through?
  4. Haz

    Matheus França

    Well he’s no Peter Beardsley that’s for sure.
  5. Haz

    Anthony Gordon

    I'm really looking forward to him annoying the shit out of all the other teams.
  6. Haz

    Anthony Gordon

    He’s an ugly fucker; I’ll give him that. Mind you if he starts banging a few in, I’ll still smother him in kisses.
  7. Haz

    Harrison Ashby

    Offer rejected.
  8. I always liked Dyche but it’s difficult to continue that, where he’s going.
  9. Haz

    Anthony Gordon

    SSN (I know) reporting Everton want northwards off 55 million for him. can’t see that happening.
  10. Haz

    Favourite Moment?

    Shearers volley against Everton. Shola nods it to him on the edge of the box and Shearer, running in, bangs it in. I swear there was a micro second when people couldn’t take it in - then it all erupted. when Lauren Robert smashed the ball into Olivier Bernard’s face. Bernard tried to stay on his feet but eventually fell over, twatted.
  11. Haz

    Anthony Gordon

    I remember what we used to say about Bellamy. As long as he gives his all for us I’ll support him all the way. If he doesn’t;
  12. Haz

    U.S. Politics

    Mike Pence, that pious prick, caught with his classified docs at his gaff. Not a peep out of the republicans yet. Good help us if he runs for office. He states he’s first a Christian, second a conservative and third a republican.
  13. Haz

    The Royal Family

    I can’t believe my wife has bought the book. I can’t imagine there’s anything more in it than what we’ve watched and heard. I’m ambivalent towards two but I note he’s copping a lot of flak about his Taliban tally. Apart from negative comments by retired and serving Personnel, ids he not exposing himself and his family to greater risk?
  14. Good Luck to you Leo Grande. A sex worker and his client. She’s never had an orgasm and widowed she hires him to sort her out. They end up, over several encounters, confronting each other. i only watched it for Dame Emma Thompson who I always admired and thought she was quite a looker when younger. And now I’m later life she is confident enough to get them out. Shame. But still a great actor. It was interesting but I can’t say I’d watch it again.
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