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  1. I think Brighton book-ended the half with the stronger performance, with us a little stronger in the middle. Couple of thoughts: - Almiron has been our best player. Had a couple of opportunities he could/should have done better with, however. - ASM is trying to do the right thing but failing every time. Hopefully with continued persistence something will come off. - Trippier has been pretty poor, noticeably sloppy with his passing. - Bruno has been very quiet and conceded possession in bad positions a couple of times. - Willock has been poor; looks very lethargic. I'm sure the heat will be playing a big role, and imagine the latter stages of the second half could see a few individual errors and wouldn't be surprised if there were a few late goals.
  2. He does it a lot, however we unfortunately have wingers in particular that are a combination of difficult to anticipate as a striker / inconsistent in their delivery, or simply not good enough in their delivery. The anticipation from the striker buys them a yard and if you don't have wingers that will put the ball to them when they've made the space, the chance is wasted and the strikers output significantly diminishes. For example, as much as I like Almiron at his best; having myself played as a striker in Sunday/local league, I would find him the most frustrating team mate to play with. He'll work himself an opportunity to deliver a final ball to the striker that's made the necessary run, only to inexplicably cut back or carry it too long, totally nullifying any threat/opportunity that the striker had earned themselves. He turns a 75% chance of a goal into less than 25% chance of a goal. I've even seen Wood make the right runs only for the wide man to cut back and slow the play down, however I fear this observation might downplay my entire post
  3. Say it's true, how do you know it isn't standard practice?
  4. Lenny


    Yeah, of course the pack weight has changed massively but I'd still say that SS Marcelo and Ginola on the same day is pretty insane Shame the gameplay is awful otherwise I'd be half tempted to have a play.
  5. Lenny


    Just hit Ginola in the 85+ x10, too. Hit Vini yesterday; what even is this
  6. Lenny


    I know those 82+ PP's are juiced but still
  7. I genuinely think his biggest strength is his confidence and how he backs himself. You can see it in how he talks and how he carries himself - there's no doubt in his mind that he's going to successfully do what he's trying to do. I can't imagine you can easily coach such unwavering self belief into a person.
  8. Lenny

    Fabian Schär

    It was an outrageous finish, but you could only really appreciate it when watching back the close up replay. Initially, I wasn't sure if it was even Wilson that made the connection.
  9. Lenny

    Kieran Trippier

    I thought he was superb, but he did make some mistakes that stand out because he's held to such high standards. His passing is world class; he and Bruno are on a different level to everyone else in that regard.
  10. Thoroughly enjoyable overall, that. Very promising performance even if we can improve our end-product. We play some really nice stuff, I can't get used to it
  11. I think it's strange that his "footballing ability" or technique or whatever is being called into question. His finishing, based upon his time at Chelsea and his frequent offsides, maybe, but whenever I see him he seems to have good vision, a crisp pass and a decent touch. All characteristics of a technically sound player. Throw in his engine and [I presume therefore] his ability to press from the front, I think think he'd be perfect for Howe's play style.
  12. He'd better not play through any injury this time...
  13. Impressive that kid met Fraser's high five in these conditions.
  14. Lenny

    Mobile phones

    iCloud seems absolutely dreadful for image and document management and is an absolute pig if you want to remove your data from it. At least it was a year or so ago when I tried tidying up the other halves phone. If I ever moved to an iPhone, I would use just about every other major cloud storage provider before iCloud.
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