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  1. I like the man a lot and you can just tell that, although things haven't been great and we've often thrown points away, he's absolutely working his bollocks off to put it right. You can only admire that. He's probably put more work in since he came than Bruce bothered with the entire time. I desperately want him to succeed. Ultimately it comes down to results and so let's hope that's the first of a good few wins.
  2. It's not great for my heart but it feels fucking brilliant to give a shit again.
  3. Yeah, I still have most of them at the condition is still good, despite a good amount of play time as a kid. And cheap for sure, although a quid in the early 80s as a 10 year old was a significant dent in the pocket money. The ships only came if I was lucky at Christmas time
  4. Can recall being in Fenwicks with my mate one day and someone brought a big box on wheels over to the Star Wars section, filled with the figures delivery. I remember looking in and seeing Lando as Skiff Guard and I nearly dove into the box in excitement. 99p worth of glorious happiness
  5. That fits. I used to go to my Aunt's flat there sometimes around the age 7-10 so that would be 78-81 era yeah.
  6. This is also bloody awful to say the least
  7. It's been a memory i've tried to confirm for years without success and yeah, very anxiety-inducing. One of my earliest childhood memories, would have been around 77-79. Can recall feeling a horrible mixture of pity and fear whenever he was out propped up in the doorway, pants flapping around.
  8. Ugh that's bloody awful. I seem to recall, despite being scared, wanting to speak to him but my mother would yank me away. Bloke probably would have loved a bit craic.
  9. Thank Christ for that Nobody in my family i've asked can remember him. Was beginning to think (hope) i'd imagined it all this time. Terrifying memory, poor bloke. I assume he was maybe a WW2 vet or something.
  10. It honestly was quite terrifying as a child to see
  11. Yeah I know . I just wanted someone to confirm he existed and it's not just some mental recurring nightmare I had. But it's 45 years ago and unless you lived on that street, highly unlikely.
  12. Well, highly unlikely you'd remember I realize, but I have a memory of walking past the flats on that street and there being a bloke with no arms and no legs propped up in the doorway of one building on warm days. Literally just a torso with a head. He always seemed to be wearing a maroon shirt and black pants and they'd flap in the breeze and give me nightmares
  13. Long shot, anyone on here grow up in or near Kenton in the 70s? Used to visit my aunt and cousin who lived on Mostyn Green and have a very weird and chilling memory from there during that era and super curious if anyone might remember the same thing.
  14. Yup, all these Careless Whispers will work against us I reckon
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