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  1. Gonna have to disagree with this a little bit. Depends on what is considered successful I suppose but in a brand new league and foreign country, he scored something like 12 or 13 in a shit, destined-for-relegation team at 20 years old. He's miles better than a couple of the current "strikers" we have, even if he was never really given the time to develop properly here. Nowadays, we're soon to be way beyond his level, but there's a bit of unfair revisionism going on in here with him IMO.
  2. Really wish Liverpool would step on their throat, they could have had double figures here if they wanted
  3. He's a gutless useless arsehole and all for the bargain sum of 300k per week
  4. Fuck off, shouldn't even be on the pitch
  5. Kin ell, they glossed the fuck over that Ronaldo kick fest. Can you imagine if a Toon player did something similar? It would be a week-long character assassination. Oh and 0-5 LOL!!!!!
  6. Been watching these games since the early 80s, never ever seen such a one sided game. Man Utd always always gave them a game and often beat them actually. Have a vague recollection of Liverpool beating them 4-0 around 88 or 89 with Beardsley playing but this is 4-0 at half time
  7. Dusty as fuck these Man Utd players, only one man for this job
  8. Just so little desire during that move to defend properly, bit lucky with the deflected shot but Salah sprinted beyond 2 players to score, far too easy
  9. Think i'd like to see Man Utd spawn a goal from somewhere to give them hope before Liverpool decide to bother and ruthlessly punish them
  10. Lerl, literally queueing up to score, pathetic defending
  11. Could be a massacre this, Man U look shite
  12. Kane with some utterly hopeless half arsed marking at a corner, Hammers 1 up
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