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Guess who can't sell all their tickets?

Guest smoggeordie

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Guest Geordiesned
We'd sell the away section out if they moved it a quarter of a mile nearer the pitch.


It's a complete WOFT going to Sid James Pork for an away fan. Worst view in the league, and surrounded by the biggest bunch of dickheads too, for that matter.


What? Fellow Boro fans? Yep, I'd agree. Complete bunch of dickheads!  :lol:


I never missed an away game at Sid James but haven't been since they decided to insult away fans by shoving them up in a corner somewhere out the way. A disgrace in my view. Typical of the PL era.


Away fans should be right behind a goal. Nowhere else.


Jesus wept. Absolutely shite fans.


Derby match? My arse!

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