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  1. Got a spare for this if anyone's still looking.
  2. Spare ticket for this if anyone is looking for one.
  3. Boro and Man Utd both went down to 0 points last season, mackems is the only game were points were really needed and it went down to about 30/35 I think.
  4. Classes as ur bet, however if you go back to the shop before any off your games Kick off then they will void ur bet and allow you to palce a new 1 Ah right cheers mate. Do you know if it's classed as home, away or a draw though? cause if it's a home win a might just keep it on.
  5. Right I normally bet online using Betfair but today I went to the Ladbrokes shop and put on a accumulator for tonight. So I marked all the games I wanted and put the bet on, but when I got home I looked at my betting slip and it's got a game on I didn't mark. It's got the 6 games I marked with 1's and 2's for home or away win but it's put the Romania-Austria game on but it's just a little line across the box (which maybe I did by mistake when marking the other games) am wondering does this count as part of my bet or has it just showed up as a mistake on my slip because it had writing in by mis
  6. Taylor is always last to leave the pitch, always last one clapping the fans home and away. Wouldn't read anything into it.
  7. What game was he at? Fucking idiot.
  8. Any idea on when that would be announced? Also, any clue on allocation / pricing? Presumably they won't have the cheek to charge £40 again. Allocation should be 3,000, we only took 1,500 last season though but I'd expect us to take the full 3,000 since it's first game of the season. If they charge £40 again am buying a kids ticket, not a chance am paying that much for Championship football.
  9. Well we managed to draw against the Germans in the group games with basically all the reserve lot playing. Could struggle upfront with the two forwards suspended but in all the games we've looked dangerous on set pieces so could easily see us scoring from corners.
  10. Think they just update your card from last season for all the games this year.
  11. Have the mackems not only scored like 15/20 more goals than Shearer has in the Prem. Let them have their time, they will be back in our shadow soon enough.
  12. Still can't handle that their in our shadow and were in the fizzy pop league, they finished 16th and it's great season for them because Newcastle went down typical mackems.
  13. Would of took 1 or 2 blocks max, was looking at the online tickets to see if it's many left and they've started selling them were the Fulham fans should be so they wouldn't have taken many.
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