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Arsene Wenger in the sh*t

Guest nufc_geordie

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Guest nufc_geordie

I hate this man more than anyone else in football I think but at the same time I have to respect him as a top class manager who is as intelligent as they come.


Looks like the FA are going to charge him and hang him out to dry for his comments but hey are all pretty reasonable in my eyes. From BBC:


The Football Association has asked Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger to explain his comments after accusing a linesman of lying after the Carling Cup final.


Wenger branded a linesman a "liar" after the official's role in the sending off of Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor in the 2-1 defeat by Chelsea.


Wenger said the assistant referee's report claimed Adebayor punched Frank Lampard, but the FA has denied this.


Lampard has since denied being punched during Sunday's fracas in Cardiff.


An FA spokesman said: "Questioning the integrity of a match official and accusing them of lying is a very serious claim to make as it questions the whole integrity of the game.


"We also reject any accusations of bias or dishonesty within our disciplinary system. We will be asking Arsene Wenger to explain these comments."


How can they charge him for violent conduct if the player he supposedly hit says that he wasn't hit?


Wenger believed Adebayor was the victim of mistaken identity but his appeal against his dismissal was rejected by the FA.


"We don't agree with the statement of the linesman. I think it's a lie," said Wenger.


"I feel Adebayor didn't punch anybody so when the linesman says he punched somebody, he lies.


"He comes out now and says Adebayor punched Lampard. I'd like Lampard to come out and say Adebayor punched him."


I've seen the replays and Adebator does absolutely nothing but mill around in the crowd of people. He doesn't get aggressive until he is shown the red card!


But the FA says the assistant referee's report does not say Adebayor punched Lampard.


"The FA can clarify that contrary to Wenger's allegations, the assistant referee's report does not claim that Adebayor punched Frank Lampard.


"The report states that Adebayor's attitude was aggressive, that he shoved into Ricardo Carvalho and that he aimed a punch at Lampard. It does not state that Adebayor struck Lampard."


Adebayor's appeal against a three-match ban for his red card was rejected on Tuesday and he was unable to play against Blackburn.


And the striker also faces a separate charge of reacting aggressively and failing to leave the pitch after being sent off.


A hearing has been set for Tuesday 6 March.


Both Arsenal and Chelsea have already been charged with misconduct by the FA.


If you could be sent off for looking aggressive then surely most players in a game would be sent off? Another point, the FA cite his pushing of Ricardo Carvalho, surely there should have been 22 men sent off then and the match abandoned because all 22 players were in there pushing each other.


Why was Lampard not banned as well then? He was one of the main instigators of the incident!


This whole situation looks to me like becuase there was an unsavoury incident the FA must be seen to be acting. OK, Eboue hit Bridge, the ban is fair, but for there to be such an uneven distribution of bans towards Arsenal rather thn Chelsea is a joke. There was nothing much in the scrap but pushing and shoving apart from the Eboue incident with Bridge. FA making c*cks out of themselves again!



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Guest nufc_geordie

Would be great to listen to his post match interviews every week. He would be in the dug out for 5 minutes of every match then serve the next three in the stands.

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To be fair, the FA & linesman haven't said that he hit Lampard, they're saying that he attempted to hit Lampard. Still might not be true, but doesn't necessarily conflict w/ Lampard saying he wasn't hit. Pedantic, yes. Liars, maybe?

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