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  1. Tooj


    Marrakech was incredible like, I'd love to go back to Morocco and do a bit of an inter-city tour as the country fascinates me.
  2. Tooj

    Upcoming gigs

    Greta Van Fleet up next.
  3. Tooj


    He's a fucking great pundit though, although I'm massively disappointed with his comments this week on the whole Salazaar situation, especially the way he went on about Gatling a couple of years ago. Obviously you're not allowed to question anything about Mo Farah in this country, plus he's a Nike ambassador so clearly has a conflict of interest. As does Radcliffe with her ridiculous comments with her also being a Nike ambassador and her husband being Farah's coach. Fair play to Gabby Roslin though for what she's said all of the way through (I've been away so only seen snippets).
  4. Tooj


    I sound like our good old friend Rob W here but you can't help look at Hassan and that double she did and think there's something up there, especially with the Salazaar links. Likewise the Bahrain lass in the 400m knocking a second off her PB and destroying Shaune Miller-Uebo in that manner, she's got to be on the juice.
  5. Tooj


    Take a look at the recovery video of him in hospital, it's amazing how quickly he recovered.
  6. Tooj


    Portrait of David Attenborough.
  7. Tooj


    Anybody recommend anywhere decent in North Tyneside to get some ink? Finally decided to take the plunge.
  8. Tooj


    https://www.faroutrecordings.com/blogs/news/25th-anniversary-12-azymuth-jazz-carnival-space-jazz-mix-global-communication-remix?fbclid=IwAR2KiaYSt5QqEzu9VrYKqNJfqNq1iQbEI7xoDTSq3sql7knBsDacbs9fkos On this like.
  9. Tooj


    Off to Marrakech tomorrow.
  10. Tooj


    Off to Marrakesh in a couple of weeks, can't bastard wait.
  11. Never really on here anymore but Jill it's good to read about your improvements and that you've found an amazing relationship. Keep it up petal, you've come a hell of a long way and should be proud of yourself.
  12. Witnessing Brian Laura's 375 and 400 are up there for me in my lifetime. Also staying up to watch Michael Johnson as an 11 year old during Atlanta 96 was incredible.
  13. Good piece but I dont think its a big mystery whats going on. To me there seem to be to types here. 1) The obvious trolls like Richard Keys or Talksport who just try to make ludicrous claims to get a reaction/clicks/views/callers what ever. 2) The ones who have it in their best interest to keep a steady interest in every day events at the football club for business reasons. Who's fit for Saturday, what did Jonjo eat for breakfast today etc. These are the ones who tow the "lets move on and focus on football" line like the local papers. The whole of Newcastle boycotting the football club isnt good business for anyone in the media. Do agree but I think there's a 3rd type personally - people within the football media who have always hated Newcastle, who begrudged us having one of the best teams around in the 90s and 00s, who are delighted to see us back "in our place" now and therefore talk Ashley up or play his disastrous ownership down at every opportunity. They want us to fail and Ashley is the perfect man to facilitate that. Can't say I agree with that like, we were absolutely loved by the neutrals and the pundits during both Keegan's first stint and during peak Sir Bobby.
  14. Tooj

    Rafa Benítez

  15. Looks like they're getting Perisic on loan.
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