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Now I know certain people on the board (mentioning no names) don't like talk of takeovers 'cause we'll automatically go back to future and end up in the 1980's again with the worst board in the world .


However I read with interest again today that another American tycoon is investing (in Arsenal) with the apparent intention of launching a takeover bid.  I also read with interest that the Arsenal Supporters Group did not issue a statement of outcry, rather one of interest in dialogue regarding plans etc... and citing the Man U takeover as an example!!  This is Arsenal remember, one of the most successful EVER English clubs who've had a great time in the last 20 years, have a legendary manager and a young team the envy of almost everyone the world over!!


My point is this:  the peole we're seeing coming in and taking over clubs have a proven history of running successful businesses and in the case of at least 2-3 of the Yanks they actually have proven interest in running successful sporting clubs, albeit in a different environment granted.  Does anyone see these types of takeover as a threat anymore?  All of them, so far, have taken ownership and shown a commitment to invest in squads/stadiums/facilities/academies in order to make their respective clubs successful long-term


Surely, in terms of which clubs are left in the English Premiership that are available for takeover (assuming Arsenal do head down that route) then we must be next?  Who else is there with the overall potential for a takeover than NUFC?  So my question is simply does anyone have a big problem with this?  Some people on here have suggested in the past the likelihood is that any new owners would be worse than the current ones rather than necessarily better....I'm afraid I just don't see it anymore.


If I was Freddy Shepherd I'd be standing at the side of the proverbial takoever motorway wearing stockings, suspenders and miniskirt cocking a wink at potential new buyers 'cause let's face it he's gonna get rich(er) and the only thing that will save him from more, increasing vitriolic abuse will be to win a trophy as chairman - and that ain't gonna happen short term is it?


A takeover the likes of which we've seen happen to West Ham, Man U, Villa, Liverpool and so on can surely only be win-win for everyone?


(Oh apologies for the Freddy Shepherd image, loads of booze should rid that from your mind.)

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yes very good read and i for one think the only alternative to our current plight is a take over and a clean out after we get planning permisson for redevelopment which may lure investors ,hopefully the consortium who failed in there bid for liverpool would be my choice.

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Whether we should be afraid or not, the choice is simple. We either join those clubs who are attracting new investment, or we get left behind. At the moment, we're getting left behind.


The Halls have realised this, but Freddie wants to stay in charge. Maybe Freddie's got it right, and the Halls and all the Directors of those other clubs have got it wrong.


Or maybe not.

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