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  1. Which o line was decimated again?
  2. On 3rd down as well. Is this real life.
  3. Might as well start blitzing or something, fucking anything.
  4. Classic Dorsey 3 and out by and chance.
  5. So we can't get near Burrow, can't stop them when they run, and can't stop them when they pass it. Ok sure.
  6. Don't fancy this at all. Think this could get away from us quick if we're not very careful, or lucky.
  7. imo the talk of "replacing wood" is bullshit, we basically need someone to do what Odegaard does for Arsenal that high up the pitch - now whether that's Bruno and someone taking the 6 spot or bringing in a Maddison or whatever, that's what's needed imo howe's got options up front and wide sitting on the bench and without using them we're actually creating from the channels, the problem is we've no threat through the middle anymore; fix that and it opens the channels back up as well
  8. mrmojorisin75

    TV shows

    firmly in so bad it's good territory
  9. also does anyone/has anyone ever had a style like mahomes for evading contact and tackles you watch him get taken down, blink and he's still fucking running about dodging tackles somehow, it defies logic the mf like hugh jackman in the prestige i reckon, there's a dungeon under arrowhead full of mahomes corpses
  10. can we have last year's divisional game allen again tonight please? unless the pass rush can do something against a makeshift OL it's gonna take another effort on the same level to beat this mob
  11. Yous love monies though. Monies. Honestly can't imagine how good the Josh Allen experience will be in person like.
  12. Was actually planning to go to Bills Cowboys with a mate this year come what may. Be mint if it's in London
  13. Bills going international next season you say? Weyyyyyy
  14. Yes I'm taking the piss a bit but I think this is it. What does Wood give you up front that JL doesn't? Fuck all, in fact less in my opinion as JL physically more capable. That's why I think it's a midfielder coming in.
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