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  1. £6.90 also they replaced the usual booze with bud lololol Craft A is canny though
  2. Yeah I went. Was canny, really good overall experience. What was said in here was kind of correct in that it's a weird atmos without one side having significant support. Stadium is something else, ran out booze though and the queues were mental. Getting away from the stadium a fucking nightmare. Head to Tottenham Hale and get the overground to Liverpool St. if you're heading back to KX as you'll be shafted any other way.
  3. Feel for him that he's gone there to survive on scraps again just as we might become a proper club again :/
  4. can you FUCKING IMAGINE a future where we don't have Steve Bruce as manager and we head into a january transfer window with competent people in charge looking to address issues in the squad with a view to doing more than keeping us in the league
  5. I see what everyone is on about with the VIP's in Squid Game Classic K movie/TV - the budget for Western actors must be the price of a single pack of out of date ramyeon. And they always make them do heavily exaggerated, stylised accents as it's some version of what K's must expect they speak like. Even Bong's muricans were shit in some of his earlier stuff.
  6. Robin Thicke wakes up and dreams he has the willpower that Otis has.
  7. This has cleared the way for a PIF run at Manyoo or Liverpool I reckon
  8. Ya I'm not saying now, talking mid-late Feb before the next rise hits.
  9. Aye I know, I'm saying does it make sense to jump to a new deal before April 2022 though because that's when the next price thing happens and shit will rocket as per the earlier tweet. If you let it run beyond the cap will be based on this last 6 months prices.
  10. Yeah I mean it also clarifies why they've used the Saudi state as a defacto way to block to the takeover until now - basically acting on behalf a major commercial partner. If that's honestly what it all came down to then I've gotta be honest it's hard to argue with their stance imo. Also makes this cartel shit the laughable nonsense it always was.
  11. Who was it who said it categorically had nothing to do with piracy, Staveley?
  12. Does this mean that holding now then jumping before the next April change is the way to go? I'm on a 1 year deal ending June/July 2022
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