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  1. Not been on the forum for ages but had to come back for this. That was some shit.
  2. That'll do me then. A healthy side order of nufc-esque failure would be great. I'll take a look. I was just looking for some to watch last night as I was bored and drunk but there's so much happening, would rather watch a single team and stick.
  3. @thomas @cubaricho Hit me with a college team to follow. Edit: that was weird and out of the blue. Mike said you're my guys
  4. mrmojorisin75

    Comic book stuff

    Watched Eternals last night with the kid. Probably the poorest Marvel offering I can remember but that might be largely because we can't see how well it fits into anything else yet and they didn't really tease that much either. Some odd directorial/editing choices as well I thought.
  5. That's pretty much my takeaway to this point. Anyone seems able to lose any game no matter how dumb.
  6. I'm a bit late but Midnight Mass is a fucking masterpiece. So good.
  7. Thanks all, really appreciate it. Top folks on here as always. Oh yeah and my uncle died of covid the day after my mam in the same hospital Forgot to say. My poor fucking dad, it was his brother. He also had to put his dog down the day after my mum's diagnosis and his second dog a month or so later. I've told him to stop doing the lottery.
  8. Similar Si yeah. We were given very general times so expected to see a gradual decline. Getting sepsis obviously didn't help but at least they found the spread then, and if they'd told us we'd definitely have done things differently. I mean it's not even on her discharge letter that goes to her gp. Just can't get past it.
  9. Thanks man. I'll report it later down the line I think yeah. Just seems so shoddy when it's someone's life.
  10. I don't have any particular objective in mind but I also don't think it should stand. She died less than 3 weeks after they found the spread and we never even knew it was coming. It's fucking mental. Anyway I'll not do anything until after the funeral for obvious reasons but it's just piled on to an already grim situation.
  11. Does anyone have experience/advice about complaints to the NHS? Short version my mum died last Friday. We knew she had inoperable cancer back in June but she went into hospital in early October where they diagnosed her with sepsis and sent her out after an antibiotic treatment and we thought that was that. We've subsequently found out that they did a scan during that visit and found out the cancer had spread to her bones and lymph nodes and they didn't tell me or my dad nor was it on the discharge paper. She died just over two weeks later and we didn't know of the spread. She d
  12. Agents keeping themselves very busy these days huh.
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