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  1. It’s happened maybe once , the trouble he has in my opinion is his style makes him look like he doesn’t give a shite, plus our moronic fan base seem to have had enough of him, mix that together and when he plays bad it stands out. He’s no world beater ffs. what? In what way? He literally runs more than half our team and presses opposition players. Been on the coke i think ,tbf a limited player who once or twice plays well but his goal celebrations make more bew boys so not helping himself
  2. Like 4 posts up where Rafa says he’s not a number 10? Perez isn't a number 10 either, not does he play that role in the current setup. So its a moot point. Has Rafa said Perez isn't a number 10? Perez had a good run back end of last season been awful this season most of the time and Rafa has played players out of position too and have a look at the Perez thread for others thoughts on said subject
  3. Could say the same of many btw but just wanted to out the wanker
  4. Really think he should start instead of Perez as he simply gives the ball away in promising positions constantly ,does Rafa not trust him ?
  5. This is simply nothing to like about this horrible parasite of a boy,gangsters moll and one man publicity machine who has the audacity to mock the audience who bought tickets for his Audience with Gazza/Beardsley show . Gazza apparently off his tits for the talk in and rightly booed by the audience who spent good money for the night with V.I.P tickets etc and this prick of a boy tryies to defend himself by saying that this is what happens when you book someone like him.Well he got ripped a new arsehole on twitter by every poster including me and i am now blocked by him (thankfully) .He sees himself as this spokesperson for the fans but simply an embarrassment and i cringe every time i see him ,wonder where he was when the Supporters groups had there meeting at labour Club ?
  6. biggs

    The Magpie Group

    Great post well thought out .
  7. Any advert that seems to be like a preview for a new movie but ends up as a banking advert etc JUST FUCK OFF
  8. biggs

    Rafa Benítez

    He has been average most of his career just a golden season then back down to bang average .
  9. Another thing i work at Tyneside Mail Centre Gateshead and saw a packet for return to customer as it was refused by House of Frazer as all returns are now ,so no refunds wtf is that allowed ?
  10. Thing is who does he think he's going to poach customers from? The same people who go to these stores aren't the same as sports direct. Treat them the same and like NUFC, you'll just wreck them. People shop online or stick with market leaders like John Lewis or Robert Dyas where they don't get taken for mugs. I appreciate the high st in general is on it's arse - JLP included. The highstreet isn’t on it’s arse, the high street in it’s current incarnation is. John Lewis would work so well if they just updated their stores a bit and made it easier to navigate. The same for Fenwicks. Retailers just haven’t moved on and made it so the internet compliments their stores and have just let Amazon overtake them. It’s massively on its arse - John Lewis are the market leaders and just announced 99% drops in pre tax profit and they are quite strong in terms of both online and store experience imo. They also have a very loyal customer base and they’ve lost out because they have a generous price match scheme. They’ll recover and they won’t lose out to some bastardised vest is in of Debenhams/hoF however. The white city JL is prototyping a store experience a bit like going into a cocktail bar for diffferent products to enhance store experience with hopes of rolling out further. Fuck will mike be up for that. And that is basically them throwing the dice. I think in a decades time the likes of JL will exist mainly online with with one or two flagship stores. The trouble with big businesses is that they try and scale and scale upwards all the time and when that doesn’t happen or cannot it’s a case of oh well, game over. JL can remain a business, a brand and make money, but they will more than likely have to scale back to a few stores, a website being their predominant face of the business and shareholders happy with a stake in something that turns over tens of millions or hundreds of millions and not lots of hundreds and hundreds or billions. I’m not for job losses and empty shops or dead high streets as such, but I’m all for our high streets and city centres becoming places of leisure and not predominantly shopping. More open spaces and green space, less traffic, more independent stores and local businesses who don’t need to have x amount of people through the door every day to survive or have been outpriced on rent and rates or made redundant by big name chains. More local produce on offer, more pop up independent pubs and food stalls. Market traders and just people coming to the city to walk around, take in the architecture. Museums, library, sit and read a book, let kids run around. I avoid the Town and Metro Centre at all times and often at a financial cost because I cannot stand it, herded like sheep into this shop or the next. The noise, the traffic, the congestion, the pollution, the chaos. Fuck it, bring on the death of the high street, they’ve had it good for too long and often at the expense of city/town planning, architecture and our own free space to just wander and take in things. Really like these sentiments. A good friend works in John Lewis and in October there whole accounts was totally fucked up and lost millions in online shopping sales as the changed there whole system hence astronomic drop in sales ,Fenwicks didnt have a online website till just recently as up to few months ago it was just a banner showing stores hence there financial woes
  11. biggs


    totally out of sorts and maybe just hasnt got it in him to fight anymore
  12. biggs


    players look totally demoralized atm and it will get worse as defeats roll on cannot see anything in next 3 games either
  13. biggs

    Jacob Murphy

    He had some nice moments with us from my memory, scored a rocket against Man Utd, put in an absolute peach for Albert Luque to score against Palermo (it was also Tim Krul and Andy Carroll's debut that night) and i remember he ran the full length of the pitch and back in the 119th minute in a cup tie against Sheffield Wednsday if i am not mistaken, he was decent. Yeah, failure is probably too strong word. Milner is a good gauge of where we are now. He was frustrating back then because he was below the quality we'd come to expect, however that same raw player would be one of the first on our current team sheet. Improved with age i think and if everything had turned out right (wasnt going to ref Keegan) he would have been great for us imho
  14. biggs

    The Magpie Group

    Maybe next home game on Sky as many people as possible boycott the kick off and sit after 10 minutes or every willing fan can carry a placard/sheet of paper wit Ashley out as that will get message across
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