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The knife is in - Thomson house begin to twist it....

Guest johnson293

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Guest johnson293



Now that Roeder has gone, Thomson house finally grow some balls and actually tell it like it was....


Roeder just had too many flaws


May 7 2007


By Luke Edwards, The Journal


When Glenn Roeder was chosen to replace Graeme Souness as caretaker manager much was made of the fact that, as a former club captain, he had a feel for Newcastle United.


That was undoubtedly true but it was always questionable whether he had a feel for being a successful football manager.


When Roeder was the shock choice to become permanent manager last summer, much was made of the fact he was a nice guy. But while Roeder proved to be anything but at times - ruthlessly disposing of Jean-Alain Boumsong at the end of last season, sending James Milner down to Aston Villa and then cancelling his transfer after he had agreed personal terms and then publicly blaming Titus Bramble for the Uefa Cup defeat to AZ Alkmaar back in March - the old saying about nice guys finishing last springs to mind.


While prominent names like Martin O'Neill, Gus Hiddink, Ottmar Hitzfeld and Sam Allardyce was touted for the job last summer, Freddie Shepherd turned to Roeder because he looked like a safe pair of hands. Unfortunately, he has looked more like a butter fingers for much of the season.


He undoubtedly had injury problems that would have tested any manager but, having taken the job, he always insisted he would never use them as an excuse. In the end, he constantly did just that, much to the growing irritation of everyone who followed the club.


Roeder talked a good game and many of his ideas were sensible, but he struggled to implement them and he lost the dressing room long before he lost his job.


How did James Milner feel when he was "sold" to Aston Villa with the manager's consent and then called back when Roeder could not sign Mark Viduka from Middlesbrough? How did Titus Bramble and his team-mates feel when, having heard his manager insist he would never criticise his players in public, they found Roeder regularly doing just that to divert attention away from himself after poor results?


His motivational skills were questionable once the going got tough and too many of Newcastle's players were playing, not to save a popular manager, but, so it looked, to get him the sack. In the last few months, Roeder read them the riot act so often, it not only had no effect, they were bored of hearing it.


Part of the successful art of football management is the ability to get the best out of players who ally difficult characters with natural ability. But time and time again United's former manager suggested he could not handle that side of the job. He never came to terms with Albert Luque, a Spanish international with a massive reputation who didn't start a single Premiership game this season, despite scoring twice in Europe.


There are those who pointed to Luque's lack of application, but was he any different to Laurent Robert, a complex character who gave Sir Bobby Robson plenty of headaches but plenty of good performances to go with them? The same could also be said of Kieron Dyer, Damien Duff, Charles N'Zogbia, good players who have never done it for Roeder. Even those who Roeder could call a success, like Obafemi Martins and Antoine Sibierski, appeared to have lost faith in the man who brought them to the club by the end.


Ultimately, Roeder was found wanting as his CV always suggested he would. In previous spells as a manager at Gillingham, Watford and - as he never tired of telling anyone who would listen - West Ham, Roeder began brightly enough but ended up getting relegated.


He did not bring about that disaster at St James's Park but if Shepherd has been criticised in the past for the timings of his managerial dismissals, he cannot be criticised for this one. The time was right for Roeder to go and it has been a clean kill.


It may just be a coincidence but, on the same day Roeder got the chop, Sunderland and their charismatic manager Roy Keane secured the Championship title. The Black Cats look like a club on the up, Newcastle under Roeder looked like a club on the way down.


United need a new direction, new ideas and new motivation. The challenge, as ever, is to find the manager to do just that.


Be interesting to see whether Oliver follows suit, or tries to defend/justify Roeder's failings.



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Guest Hibbits left foot

Expect to see a knife in back job from anal; slagging the signing of martins , the milner affair,lack of defensive signings, fat fred wil escape scot free...

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Guest geordiebaz

Oliver reporting that its definatly Sam.


Is this the same guy who last week was saying he had sources who told him Roeder would definatly be in charhe at SJP next season.

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Guest Geordiesned

Oliver's already been on Sky Sports News trying to form sentences. He came out with something along the lines of, "Glenn Roeder is an asolutely guy you know."


You what?? Think you missed out a word somewhere there you ugly twat!

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Luke Edwards is the plank who stories that even a pleb like Oliver shoots down every other day.  I wonder if when Luke (THEY ALL TAKE A GLANCE) he reads this board he can post links to all his other stories that mention the things he has mentioned in today's article, I would hate thing to think he is kicking a man while he is down as that would make him a spineless coward who has jumped on a bandwagon.




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Guest Phil K

Unecessary really. Everyone and his cat knew he was an average manager doing a 'holding job'.

Worse - Glenn IS a nice bloke.

But a CRAP manager.

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