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  1. There has to be one more.
  2. God that takes me back! Never mind Arsenal we'll fighting for top 4 season after next.
  3. Out of that lot enjoyed Ozark the most. On Ch4 player: The Hunter, Moscow Noir, Crimson Rivers, Thou Shalt Not Kill, are all good.
  4. Had a few PM's with Cheznois over the years. Lives in a castle now, throwing tampax at passers by...
  5. I have returned from the Amazon.
  6. Playing them at just the right time. Our confidence will be a bit higher now and a couple more new names on the team sheet hopefully.
  7. Still on 5. One lucky win can change the mood in an instant. It will be Burnley, Watford and one other.
  8. Parky

    What are you reading?

    Hangover Square by Patrick Hamilton. 'Hamilton captures the edgy, obsessive and eventually murderous mindset of a romantically frustrated British man in this WWII-era novel. London 1939, and in the grimy publands of Earls Court, George Harvey Bone is pursuing a helpless infatuation with Netta who is cool, contemptuous and hopelessly desirable to George. George is adrift in hell, until something goes click in his head and he realizes that he must kill her. ' https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/133238.Hangover_Square
  9. Never would have taken ASM of. He keeps teams busy and stops them creeping forward as they did as soon as he went off. Even tired and distracted he's dangerous. Thought Wood did alright holding the ball up a few times and winning free kicks. Not sure what Howe see's in training, fitness or what the choices really are but he's made some mistakes. Against Man U when it was clear they were overloading down the right and Cavani was doing a stuttering run only half way into the box, for a cutback (they did it twice before he scored), Howe made no adjustments or sent out any instructions. Lewis for Dummett and Willock for Longstaff after we scored today for me. Willock can keep possession and get up the pitch and Lewis might have stopped the cross (Dummett was tired). CM, CD, another pacy striker. Not sure where the 7 wins are coming from to give us a chance. 35,36 might be enough this year.
  10. My fav sci-fi books of all time.
  11. Parky

    Elon Musk

    Amen brother.
  12. Parky

    Chris Wood

    Lot of PL experience and the kind of 'tank' that worries/hurts/dismembers defenders. Will end up being a backup so its fine for now. They're probably in for another striker as well anyway.
  13. The tech has really come on a pace the last few years making things a lot quicker is what they are saying.
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