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  1. What an utter clown you are. Agree 100%.
  2. Kitman

    RIP sale thread.

    .......irreparably damaging the playing surface?
  3. I must be living in different times, because Sunderland, although they've won very little in, say, my lifetime, are a club awash with history. Correct. It'd be foolish to write them off, it's only their mismanagement that's held them back. Much like ourselves in recent years.
  4. Of course it's Ashley's fault. Not the fans, not Keegan, not Freddy Shepherd. Ashley was the owner with the opportunity to do something about the situation. He tolerated the shambles of Hughton and Kinnear, allowing the players to take the piss and throw away points, when one more point would have seen us safe. He made a profit in the January transfer window when anyone could see the squad was seriously sub standard and lacking numbers. He put his faith in Llambias and Wise, and other numpties, and gambled on getting by. There's no doubt there are other people who've contributed to this fiasco. There's no doubt the club was in decline when Ashley took over. But he's presided over a complete shambles and it's difficult to imagine how things could have gone worse. He's a fuckwit, I can't wait to see the back of him.
  5. Kitman

    Roy Keane

    I expect he'll come across a dog he likes there
  6. Kitman

    Financial meltdown?

    I should've known it was pointless posting in this thread
  7. Kitman

    Financial meltdown?

    Regarding the appointment of managers, I can't criticise most of them. The one that stands out is Souness, which was met by bewilderment and dismay by most people (or hilarity for non-toon fans) and had disaster written all over it. But I think NE5's basic point about this is valid, in that it's basically a lottery. Dalglish ticked all the boxes at the time and didn't work out, same as Big Phil at Chelsea. Man Utd had any number of managers before Sir Alex and none delivered the league championship. It's not that easy. Most appointments are only truly rotten in hindsight. Roeder looked all right for a time. Gullit looked all right on paper. And Allardyce. And so on. But the really important thing is who's available and who's prepared to come. It's like making a list of players you'd like to sign; if they don't fancy the job or their clubs won't sell them then it doesn't matter what offers you make. Clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea are easy to sell to managers; we're not as easy and it's getting harder all the time. So it ain't as simple as saying 'Roeder was crap, why didn't we sign x,y,z' as manager? For all we know FS tried his best to get in somebody better and just couldn't manage it. FWIW, my main criticism of FS is his insistence on British managers and his lack of imagination. That made for a pretty small pond to fish in imo. That, and the signing of Souness which given the time it happened, the state of the club, and the opportunity that was there, has been absolutely pivotal in our decline imo.
  8. Never mind worst case, I think the likely scenario is that Kinnear will be back to "spearhead" our promotion campaign in the championship. With Ameobi leading the line. I'm not expecting next year to be fun at all, unless I can get my hands on some prozac. Sorry if that's pessimistic, like.
  9. Kitman

    Financial meltdown?

    I take your point about the manager and agree with that. However the calibre of player we can attract is difficult to say - our stock has plainly fallen, but to what extent we don't know. However that is irrelevant if we are not prepared to spend the money on transfer fees and wages for players better than the likes of Nolan and R Taylor. The key here is wages - the main draw for non-Geordie and especially foreign players is going to be if we pay top dollar. But that was always the case once we dropped out of Europe anyway imo.
  10. Kitman

    Financial meltdown?

    Cheers Dave. I know the credit crunch changed things but the 'get by with no net investment on the squad' strategy seems to have always been there (that's my impression anyway). Maybe that's understandable given the amounts of cash he's forked out to buy the club and replace the external loan creditors but it's somewhat naive....... The main thing I don't get was the lack of spending in January. I totally understand Madras' viewpoint about not being able to sustain the same spending year after year, but to extend my metaphor about the stately home, if it's obvious the roof is about to fall in, don't you find the money for serious emergency repairs? Oh well, I'll never understand how this calamitous season has got this point, all so avoidable but somehow so inevitable. Can't wait for it to be over tbh.
  11. Kitman

    Financial meltdown?

    I totally understand the massive financial commitment Ashley has taken on - 20/30 mill a season to keep the club solvent is a lot of money. I also agree the club couldn't keep spending like it had and I wonder how we would have coped had Ashley not bought the club. However what I don't understand is why Ashley bought the club in the first place. He must have known it was a major financial commitment and he must have known he would have to pile cash in. Football clubs are notorious for burning through cash on wages and transfers and very few ever make a profit. It must also have been obvious that we had a big hole in our accounts and it must also have been obvious he would have to re-mortgage - you don't need extensive due diligence for to get over the top of either of those points. So should we be grateful for him buying us when he couldn't afford to do so? Why thank someone for buying a stately home and then watching the roof fall in because they can only afford basic maintenance? I fully accept we may have been in serious financial bother without him but other clubs seem to have managed to stay afloat and restructure their debts perfectly well as necessary - talk of administration and foreclosure just seem over the top to me. If you don't accept a doomsday financial meltdown scenario, I don't see a lot to thank him for personally. I keep waiting for West Ham to go into liquidation but it hasn't happened yet.
  12. Kitman

    Dowie to stay on?

    I think there's every chance they'd offer Dowie the job. Could turn out all right, you never know.
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