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  1. ‘Ordinary people’ can be liberals.
  2. Matt

    Energy prices

    If you see that guy tweeting anything, take whatever numbers he uses with a large pinch of salt. I have no idea if IoM utilities capped prices, so using a price cut as a comparison is meaningless, their bills could have been far higher than in the UK.
  3. Matt

    Energy prices

    Given his track record of posting utter shite, I would say its unlikely.
  4. Matt

    Elon Musk

    'For you' appear to be endless tweets from Andrew Bridgen and other anti-vax nonces. 'Following' is pretty thin stuff and feels like I'm using the site when I first joined and only followed a few people. Most of the ads are not for actual companies, but clickbait articles with fake captioned images posted by accounts with plausible small business names. Shite.
  5. The Tories just don't learn- that sense of entitlement runs so deep, they think people will just jump when they clap. So now they have two stories circulating, both of which will lead to people watching the clip.
  6. Matt

    We did a Brexit

    I could only negotiate a terrible deal because you let the EU believe we weren't serious about doing worse damage to ourselves. Shameless.
  7. I do enjoy the rabid right wing threatening strikers with the sack while also demanding immigration is kept down. Absolute clowns.
  8. Lynch on TV basically saying he's been on the phone to bosses at Network Rail and the TOCs all through Christmas, but the govt has done nothing, so no-one on that side has authority to restart talks.
  9. Matt

    Elon Musk

    Trying to sign up for the various substacks, podcasts etc from people I actually enjoy following on Twitter, ready to bin the whole thing off. Musk is a total fanny.
  10. Matt

    Footy trivia

    Presumably Vilca hasn’t been capped by Peru?
  11. In power, Labour will find the resources to prosecute if nothing happens before the next GE. Tories realise this and want to get it done on their own watch to ensure the damage is limited.
  12. On the basis of what? They sought promotion and are actively seeking help to get this done, which I'm sure they will. It's certainly a lot less work than a brand new ground on the outskirts of nowhere much.
  13. Matt

    Elon Musk

    More gimmick features and less content moderation. That's the way to do it.
  14. It's interesting in light of the strike talks that the focus is on whether the UK should import more trained professionals and little time is spent wondering how many UK staff could go work elsewhere.
  15. On an individual level, it clearly is. But it's also a long-term commitment which most people make in a short window. I agree, it's insane to think it's only responsible to have children if you have every possible expenditure covered in the building society ISA. I (and most folk on here) will know plenty of people whose livlihoods have taken a turn over a few short years, never mind 16-20 of them.
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