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  1. Yeah but you can do that just by effectively keeping the same contract he's already on. Free to do as he wishes at the end of the season. And I'm pretty sure PL loans can't be recalled any more.
  2. I can't get my head around loaning a player with 6 months left on his contract rather than just effectively buying the remainder of his contract. We've already played Man Utd twice, so it's not as though he can face them. This just uses up one of our potential PL loan slots which might come in handy on deadline day.
  3. Christ, nothing like a bit of nostalgia. Quite a few folk were originally on the Soccer 24-7 NUFC sub-forum which became invaded by absolute bellends and became unbearable which I think led to Toon-Chat? Also indirectly led to me meeting the now missus.
  4. Matt

    Energy prices

    Natural gas spot price up 17% today, presumably driven by the situation in Ukraine.
  5. Matt

    Personal finance

    In the long run, the best thing you can do if invest broadly and consistently. I speak as someone who absolutely did not follow that advice.
  6. Matt

    Personal finance

    January has blown away anything I made last year. I am now back into building society savings account returns with more downside to come. The twin risks of inflation and rising rates mean there is no easy safe option right now. REITs are an option but these have been in the red of late too, just nowhere near as painful as anything looking like a growth story.
  7. Aye, their version came first before it was rightly bastardised - a mackem mate of mine had it on cassette. I think it was the year they went up as the release code for the tape was 'SHAYISGOD1' from when Given was on loan there.
  8. Below the headline inflation number this morning, important to consider the line-by-line impact on items which hit the poorest hardest: https://twitter.com/BootstrapCook/status/1483778776697909252
  9. As a newly-minted MP he won't have had much latitude on Commons votes. That he's crossed the floor should say a lot more about him than his relatively short voting record. Maybe for you.
  10. Blyth Valley was a marginal result in 2019. 1% CON to LAB would do it.
  11. All that matters to Johnson is holding on to power and finding a way to restore his reputation. His entire mission has been to build a lucrative post-politics career, that will go up in smoke if he departs in disgrace. Even if his chance of salvation is 1%, he will throw his staff, MPs and party under the bus to save himself.
  12. I think this is wide misconception, that private owners only care about the here and now and governments invest for the long term. The funds I've worked with who invest in UK infrastructure have a much longer-term view than politicians who only care about getting through the next election. Public ownership will need a lot of discipline, at the moment the regulator can (and does) punish companies who step out of line, it's much harder when you are just moving money around the same public purse. A programme of nationalisation should be set over a long period and targeting the easy wi
  13. Matt

    Rafa Benítez

    H&G breached the terms of their debt financing, allowing lenders to parachute in Martin Broughton to oversee the running of the club and to launch a sale process. We were always at the sole whim of Mike Ashley. Yes there was a concerted effort to get them out of Anfield, but you can't compare the two situations.
  14. The players couldn't push forward because they don't have the legs. It's no surprise we concede so many late goals when so many players can't do a full 90 minutes. We either drop deep or get done on the counter. Watford looked clueless for much of the game but suddenly came to life because they were easily winning chases and second balls and easily beating our players for pace.
  15. Bizarre choice in the circumstances, you would have thought they would be after an experienced manager. Trying to get more Sunderland fans to spend their saturdays there perhaps? Blyth appointing Lee Clark was an unmitigated disaster but perhaps Phillips is a more stable character than Clark.
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