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  1. And a decent goal to boot.... Hopefully all the NE sides have a decent season- the region is finally establishing itself in the pyramid after years of navel-gazing and localism. Great to see 4 local sides in the NPL East this year!
  2. Matt

    Visiting London

    I hadn't realised they are charging for the privilege as well!
  3. Matt

    Visiting London

    You'll get an amazing view of all the congestion. Breathe it all in!
  4. We know mate, message received.
  5. There should be a rota for members to call him a liar on a daily basis. I'm sure the SNP would be happy to lend a few numbers.
  6. A really good example of the dangers of Twitter. It looks a ludicrous position when presented in a nutshell. I think most if not all on here agree with Butler's sentiments. But for Starmer (the boring lawyer) to say the Deputy Speaker was wrong would be to say he doesn't understand the rules of parliament (however you may disagree with them), which would be hypocritical when attaching Johnson for failing in his duties. What he should do is repeat the charge at PMQs and take a walk of his own.
  7. Matt

    The Weather

    Absolutely wild storms in London- been on and off for about two hours now. Anywhere that got flooded a couple of weeks back will be getting it again.
  8. Matt


    Next time someone should set up some Free Wifi and see if they read all the Ts&Cs before they agree to a full dump of all their device data being made public.
  9. Matt


    I think it's time to call the bluff of the perennial conspiracists, and have them all rounded up and summarily executed. Vindication for them, peace for us, win-win.
  10. Matt


    It's been done in the US and Canada too It just doesn't sit well with me at all- it's a failure to get the message across when you have to resort to bribery and it's perfect fodder for conspiracy loons.
  11. They have a strong US lobby, said man invited to speak at a rally by the then US President.
  12. He'll be fine, as GB News have adopted their own definition of antisemitism and what Farage said fell outside those terms.
  13. Starmer's now been in office longer than Corbyn was when Owen Smith ran his stellar leadership challenge, so precedent is there.
  14. To best protect the longer-term value of the club, Ashley and the other partners (ex-PIF) need to look at possible partial sale options, perhaps with a dual-class share structure and mutual share purchase options for a year's time, such that PCP/Reubens control the club while Ashley still owns a majority for a short period of time. Just having a change in the director's box will boost the club financially and improve Ashley's return on his residual holding if PIF falls through. Survival is essential and quelling off-pitch rumblings will make a big difference.
  15. Patel's offshore detention centre is inspired by a similar Danish plan, so you might have to scratch that.
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