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  1. Menace

    Christian Atsu

    Must've took James' advice on board.
  2. I like to think the complete opposite, imagine the amount of money FM has saved me by me being an FM addict and not socialising
  3. I thought Longstaff was one of our better players yesterday to be honest - Willock needs a rest but we can't give it to him. Feel like Gordon/Isak will create space for our players to run into. I like Burn but he's very limited in my opinion. Cracking defender but basically playing with no attacking options on the left when he plays.
  4. All these draws will be wins next season or so, people seem to forget we are 1 year into a brand new project. Our trajectory already is mental.
  5. Stop shitting yourself before we're even close to the match lads, check Man Uniteds fixture list and tell me we don't have a strong chance. They play 6 games instead of our 3 also.
  6. Menace

    Dan Burn

    I thought it was because of the Ashley era, but it turns out some of our fanbase are just miserable twats.
  7. Menace

    Alexander Isak

    Will be a miss but we still have enough to put West Ham away.
  8. River Plate had a 25% sell on fee on Enzo. Lovely bit of business.
  9. Aye Hull twitter just confirmed it
  10. 2 and a half year deal at very decent wages I'd imagine. - He's done well for himself.
  11. I thought he was immense first half, but like a bull in a china shop second half.
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