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  1. Menace

    Dwight Gayle

    Joelinton makes this guy look like Inzaghi
  2. Menace

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce is essentially an arse licker that gets rewarded for avoiding relegation. This suits Ashley to a tee. £4M compensation to get rid of this oaf, no wonder he won't walk.
  3. Menace

    Steve Bruce

    Martin Hardy, The Times.
  4. Menace

    Takeover Thread

    Because they're the only ones who will pay his silly asking price?
  5. I'd agree with that. Shows what a manager can do for players, which confuses me even more as the value for them will absolutely tank, which in turn will make Ashley less profit. This makes no sense to me and I've given up trying to work him out.
  6. The prem has never been stronger really. Chelsea's to lose this year for me.
  7. One down, one to go... He's so predictable man
  8. Armstrong will score and Bruce will make a sarky comment about Wur Rafa.
  9. I have a Poco F3. I don't like it. The proximity sensor is a mess, and the camera is pretty shite. I had the Mi 9T Pro before it and I much preferred it to be honest.
  10. They'll be cheaper in 12 months time
  11. What was todays attendance anyone? Looked like a full house to me.
  12. What was the point in that signing
  13. Menace

    Joe Willock

    For the money wanted for ASM, he's a huge risk. Has he even been fit in the last 18 months
  14. Menace

    Takeover Thread

    These guys have absolutely no shame. They've been kicking a dead horse for almost 18 months ffs. When will they call it a day with this podcast shite? There has been literally fuck all to report for months on end. And they claim to have the fans best interests at heart, fuck right off.
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