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  1. Exactly what needs to be done!
  2. Well 15 days into the transfer window and its basically status quo. Our central line will not keep us up. Dubravka, Lascelles, all central mids, and Wood is nowhere near the level needed. Please prove me wrong for once NUFC.
  3. This season will be over at the end of february. At least i can go back to apathy and look forward to what should be a promotion
  4. We just can't complete 90 mins without giving away free chances and shit goals. Nowhere near PL level, and we look far off. Thankfully it can be turned around with luck, signings and form.
  5. matta

    Chris Wood

    One of the worst debuts i've seen. Did fuck all.
  6. Eddie needs us to catch some form. Basically no change where it matters. Points.
  7. Great goal, but he needs to start going on runs instead of getting the ball in his feet ever time. Thats what led to the goal.
  8. matta

    Jamaal Lascelles

    Stopped counting his errors. Fucking hell he is bad
  9. Wake the fuck up, and actually strengthen the squad. We are nowhere near good enough. Most needs replacing
  10. matta

    Chris Wood

    Improvement on Carroll from last year. desperately needed to catch some early form, and is an okey backup to Wilson. Hoping this one pays off, but not to confident here.
  11. Well done, and well deserved Cambridge 👏 NUFC: Step the fuck up.
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